CDL Major 2 Qualifiers – Week 1; Day 2 Recap

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CDL Major 2 Qualifiers – Week 1; Day 2 Recap

Here’s everything that went down in day two of the first week of Major 2 Qualifiers.

After an exceptional first day of qualifiers for Major 2, week one continued with four more qualifying matches on day two. Here’s a recap of every match, and how it went.

Los Angeles Guerrillas 3-0 Paris Legion

After a run of terrible performances, the LA Guerrillas came out hot in map one, winning 250-111 with big performances from Slasher and Asim. With a double listen in provided by the CDL, Paris Legion’s communication was poor, with no one but Temp wanting to speak up. As for the Guerrillas, communication was clean, clear and precise, and definitely reflected the result of the map.

Slasher continued his dominance in map two, going 9/3 with support from Gunless with his sniper. While the map started back and forth, LAG ran away with it after the 6th round, and took a 2-0 series lead. Paris took the Control to a round five, however Gunless dropped a massive 38 kills with a 1.65 K/D. While Slasher finished the whole series with a 1.45 overall as the Guerrillas took a 3-0 sweep.

London Royal Ravens 3-0 LA Thieves

The London Royal Ravens stopped the LA Thieves Gavutu Hardpoint unbeaten run, and gave them their second map one loss of the season with a 250-188 win. Nastie dominated this map, dropping 32 kills with a 1.60 K/D. This was a great start for the Ravens, and sees them continue their dominance in Hardpoint. The Ravens continued to win against the odds, securing a Berlin Search and Destroy victory where they were previously 1-6 in the map and mode combination. The substitute PaulEhx dominated the map here, dropping 12 kills and putting up a massive 2.20 K/D.

With the LA Thieves unbeaten on Gavutu Control too, many expected them to at least win one map in this series. However, the Ravens made a statement, winning 3-2 in map three and completely dominating the Thieves throughout this whole series.

Toronto Ultra 3-1 Minnesota ROKKR

Toronto Ultra finally got themselves on the board with their first Hardpoint win in their last 8 Hardpoint maps. Minnesota ROKKR began the game with around a 50 point lead, however Ultra chained p3 to p4 on the second rotation, and did not let ROKKR anywhere near them after that.

Minnesota ROKKR continued their Search and Destroy brilliance with a map two victory, however it wasn't easy. ROKKR took a 5-1 lead in the map, but Ultra came back fighting and took it to a round 11. Here, MajorManiak executed the perfect flank, picking up two kills with his teammates clearing out the rest as they stayed composed, and tied the series 1-1. Toronto Ultra dominated in the Control, winning 3-1 and taking a 2-1 series lead. While the kills were even across the board, the final round saw Ultra take full control, and give ROKKR no chance of saving the round.

Ultra closed out the 3-1 victory with another Hardpoint win, this time a 250-151 victory on Tuscan. Insight was the only Ultra player to go positive overall in this whole series, however his 1.29 K/D was enough to see them outslay ROKKR, and take the series win.

Seattle Surge 3-2 Atlanta FaZe

Atlanta FaZe began the series as expected, with a 250-165 Bocage Hardpoint win. While it’s usually one of the youngsters in Cellium, Simp or aBeZy popping off, it was Arcitys who showed up in map one. His 34 kills saw him top the lobby, and dominate Surge, puting FaZe 1-0 up. Seattle Surge hit back with a round 11 clutch in map two, with Pred back to his best. The APAC rookie dropped 11 kills, with a 1.83 K/D to see Surge tie the series.

Map three was extremely even, with Atalanta FaZe outslaying Surge but just one kill. They also took the map by just one round, with it going back and forth throughout, and FaZe looking pressured. Mack stepped up in map four, dropping 29 kills with a 2.09 K/D. This was an unbelievable performance, and saw Surge force a game five. In the final map of the series, Surge dominated. A 6-2 win saw them take the series 3-2, with just Mack going positive throughout on the Surge roster.

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