CDL Major 2 – Day 4 Recap, Guerrillas Shock

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CDL Major 2 – Day 4 Recap, Guerrillas Shock

Here’s your rundown of the final day of Major 2 action.

Major 2 concluded last night with four exceptional matches, and the Champion being crowned. Here’s a recap of every match and all the action.

Atlanta FaZe 3-0 Boston Breach

Atlanta FaZe took on a momentum-filled Boston Breach in Winners Finals at Major 2. However, while Boston has looked good in recent days, Atlanta FaZe was too strong in map one. Completely dominating with a 250-125 win. Cellium came out strong, putting up 24 kills and 2.00 K/D. Map two was just as dominant from Atlanta FaZe as they took a 6-3 Search and Destroy victory on Desert Siege to take a 2-0 lead in the series. Arcitys clutched up in the final round with a 1v2 to continue FaZe’s dominance. 

Boston Breach appeared to have map three in the bag, going 2-9 up and completely dominating with the Volk. However, Atlanta FaZe didn’t give up, and came back with three straight rounds to win the series 3-0 and advance to the Grand Finals. 

Los Angeles Guerrillas 3-2 Florida Mutineers

The Florida Mutineers have pulled off the two biggest upsets of the Major so far. Taking down both the London Royal Ravens and OpTic Texas so far. They began this match in dominant fashion, 100 points, clubbing the Los Angeles Guerrillas with a 250-95 win. All members of the Mutineers went positive, with Owakening being the top performer with his 27 kills and 1.69 K/D. 

LAG responded in map two, pulling off a 6-3 Search and Destroy win on Tuscan. The Volk duo of Spart and Asim dominated, putting up 1.83 and 2.50 K/D’s respectively, tying the series. Florida Mutineers put themselves back in front of a 3-2 Gavutu Control win as they continue their Gavutu dominance in Major 2.

The Guerrillas bounced back with a 250-202 Berlin Hardpoint win, with Slasher dominating the map with a 1.53 K/D and 29 kills to force a map five. In map five, LAG pulled off three straight round wins. Taking the series in game five, round 11 and secure their spot as Top 3.

Los Angeles Guerrillas 3-2 Boston Breach

The Guerrillas kicked off this series straight after their last, and coming off the high of a game five, round 11 truly had its effect. LAG pulled off a great win in map one on Berlin with a 250-239 scoreline. Spart and Slasher dropped 35 and 31 kills respectively as LAG took a 1-0 series lead. Map two also went the way of the Guerrillas as they dominated on Bocage with a 6-1 win, taking a 2-0 lead in the series. 

Boston Breach was going out this easy, as they took a 3-2 win on Tuscan Control to get themselves back in the series. Nero stepped it up to another level, dropping 35 kills to take the series score to 2-1. The next Hardpoint also went the way of Boston, as they forced a map five. The 250-221 scoreline on Tuscan saw Nero continue to dominate. This time dropping 39 kills with a 1.30 K/D. The Los Angeles Guerrillas continued their Search and Destroy win streak and moved it up to 7with a 6-2 win in game five to advance to the Grand Finals.

Los Angeles Guerrillas 5-2 Atlanta FaZe

The Los Angeles Guerrillas have been an underdog since the start of this Major, with Spart subbing in for Gunless. However, he has performed exceptionally well and shown that some teams may need to look at their roster and pick him up following Major 2. However, FaZe completely dominated map one, with250-135 Hardpoint on Gavutu. Cellium ended the map going 21/10 as FaZe started this best of nine on the front foot. 

LAG got themselves back on the board with their 8th Search and Destroy win in a row. Winning with a 6-4 on Bocage, tying the Grand Finals at 1-1. The Guerrillas were dominant in their defensive rounds on Gavutu Control, and Asim clutched up in the final round to take a 2-1 series lead. Possibly putting them in the driver's seat in the Grand Final. 

The Guerrillas incredibly took a 3-1 lead in the series through a Tuscan 250-227 Hardpoint win, seeing Spart dominate with the Volk once again. LAG made some quick changes to their gameplay against Boston. This worked as they took the map, and went two away from victory. LAG took the momentum and ran with it, breaking the CDL record for most consecutive Search and Destroy wins with 9, as Spart went 8/1 in their 6-1 SnD win. 

Simp kept Atlanta FaZe alive in this series through a 3-2 win on Control, taking offense in the final round. Simp’s clutch plays to break in and get on the point allowed FaZe to stop LAG from taking the series and forced another map. The Los Angeles Guerrillas did the impossible and made history, winning the first-ever Major event from losers round one. Even more impressive, they did it with a substitute. 

This was an exceptional performance from the Los Angeles Guerrillas. They were defeated 3-0 by Boston Breach in Winners Round One, before taking down Toronto Ultra 3-1 to kick off their losers bracket run. They stunned the COD League once more with their 3-0 win over the London Royal Ravens. And while Seattle Surge took them the distance, LAG came out on top. Finally, the Guerrillas defeated the Florida Mutineers 3-2, and Boston Breach 3-2 before taking down Atlanta FaZe in the Grand Final.

Where this places the Los Angeles Guerrillas in the League power rankings is unknown. But it without a doubt pushes them further up than ever before. As for Spart, we think he’s definitely deserved his chance in the League after this. Some teams may be looking at their Flex and SMG players if Spart does not retain his spot in the Guerrillas starting roster.

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