CDL Major 2 – Day 1 Recap

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CDL Major 2 – Day 1 Recap

Here’s a recap of everything from the first day of Major 2

The second Major of the 2022 Call of Duty League season got underway last night with four incredible matches. We saw shock results alongside dominant performances to kick off the Major, here’s your recap.

Florida Mutineers 3-0 London Royal Ravens

The London Royal Ravens were without a doubt the favorites heading into this series. However, Florida Mutineers' inconsistency throughout the season has seen them look like the worst, and the best, always making them a threat in any series. To kick off the Major, the Mutineers provided a massive upset, 3-0ing the Ravens.

In map one, Florida took a 250-177 win on Gavutu Hardpoint. The AR duo of Davpadie and Owakening dominated, putting up 1.40 and 1.33 K/D’s respectively. Search and Destroy appeared to be the game of the Royal Ravens as they took a 4-0 lead on the map, with Zer0 finishing the map with a 2.60 K/D. However, six rounds in a row saw the Mutineers dominate the remainder of the SnD, taking a 2-0 series lead.

The series was closed out in map three through a 3-2 Control victory on Gavutu once again. The Mutineers were handed offense for the final round of the map, however, they took it through a great performance from Davpadie, putting up a 1.58 K/D in map three. This sees the Ravens drop to the losers bracket in Minnesota.

Boston Breach 3-0 Los Angeles Guerrillas

Boston Breach secured the third seed for the second Major of the 2022 Call of Duty League season. After some exceptional results in the qualifiers, they look like a team to watch at the Major. They began this series as if they would win the whole tournament, with star player Methodz dropping a 1.54 K/D as the Breach took a 250-180 Gavutu Hardpoint win to kick off the series.

Methodz continued to dominate in map two, putting up a 1.67 K/D as Boston Breach took a 6-3 Search and Destroy win on Berlin. This resulted in the Breach taking a 2-0 series lead, and looking in a prime position to take the series. This is exactly what happened, with Breach taking the map three Control on Tuscan, with Methodz topping the leaderboard once again with a 1.64 K/D and 36 kills. That saw Methodz finish the series with a 1.61 overall K/D, looking in Major 2 MVP form.

Atlanta FaZe 3-0 New York Subliners

Atlanta FaZe have struggled through the Major 2 qualifiers and ended up with a losers bracket start at the Major. However, they began this series on the front foot, putting up a 250-146 win on Gavutu Hardpoint, with Cellium dropping 23 kills and a 1.53 K/D to take a 1-0 series lead.

A round 11 clutch from Atlanta FaZe saw them take a 2-0 series lead. Simp came back from illness and completely dominated in this map, pulling off an insanely clean 1v3 to see his Atlanta FaZe team go 2-0 up in the series. FaZe closed out the third 3-0 of the night with a 3-2 Control win on Gavutu. Cellium was the main slayer once again, with a 1.38 K/D, and a 1.36 overall in the series.

Seattle Surge 3-0 OpTic Texas

Seattle Surge took an unexpected lead in this series through a 250-159 Hardpoint win on Bocage. It was a mainly even performance from the Surge, however, Mack was the best of the pack, putting up a 1.35 K/D and 35 kills as Seattle took a 1-0 series lead. Seattle Surge looked back to their best and at Kickoff Classic form with a 6-4 Search and Destroy win on Tuscan. Pred put up 11 kills, with Mack pulling off multiple clutches as he continued his great series.

A night of 3-0’s was closed out with Surge’s 3-1 win on Tuscan control. Sib dropped 34 kills as the Surge drowned out OpTic and sent them to the losers bracket, while also ending OpTic’s 13 win streak on Control.

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