Call of Duty: London Royal Ravens Obliterate Florida Mutineers with a Strong 3-1 Win

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Call of Duty: London Royal Ravens Obliterate Florida Mutineers with a Strong 3-1 Win

With esports anticipation at an all-time high, the Florida Mutineers and London Royal Ravens match started off with a technical difficulties delay. But once the game started, there was no going back.

Florida maintained a more than twenty point lead right out of the gate, but the Royal Ravens bounced back in the blink of an eye, tying the match up and later taking the lead by a fifteen point margin. London had a great defensive playset, and with their offensive roots, staying careful as well as confident, there were few things that got in their way moving forward. Florida, who started off with great success, drafted away from their competition, losing by more than forty points. That lead continued to grow, with Wuskin scoring 5 person multi-kills across the board, as the game became an eighty lead blowout in favor of the London Royal Ravens.

The Mutineers were getting absolutely obliterated, dragging behind by more than 100 points in the final three minutes of Hardpoint. Frosty, at one point going 21/15, was the only Florida player with mentioning this round, racking up a few multi-kills as his teammates struggled to even walk in a straight line without getting absolutely pummeled to death. Rated dominated with a few triple kills, as the London Royal Ravens took the first-round win right from under the Florida Mutineers, making it a 1-0 game.

Round Two

The second match of the game was Search and Destroy, taking place at Gun Runner. Wuskin was instantly sniper savvy as the round kicked off, with London holding down the offsite extremely well against the Mutineers. The Ravens took away the win so easily that it flew by, making it a 1-0 game of S ‘n’ D. The second round was even quicker, with London winning once again. The map is a known favorite for London, and the advantage stayed in Ravens’ for pretty much the entire round.

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Where was Florida’s notable offense? Wherever Prestinni decided to shoot, essentially. In the third round, he essentially carried his Florida teammates on his back. As a result, the Mutineers pushed forward with a surprise win, making it a 2-1 game. However, the next round was easy peasy bliss for the London Royal Ravens, shooting down any signs of competition in the next three rounds, keeping the lead at a safe 5-1 lead.

As the teams switched sides, all signs of a Florida win seemed absolutely hopeless, but in the world of competitive Call of Duty, anything is possible. Florida took their first win in over four rounds, and as a surprise, it was a quick and easy game for them to bounce back with, making it a 5-2 match. Skrapz scored the first kill of the game, and with four players on London’s side, Mutineers’ last player, Skyz, was shot down in a blaze of crossfire. London now led the game, 2-0 as both teams entered the third round of domination.

Round Three

If Florida didn’t step it up here, they would be going home completely defeated, with an unforgivable shutout on their hands. St. Petrograd was the map and Domination was the name of the game in the third round, with both teams starting strong early on. The Ravens had dominated so far, and all signs pointed towards that outcome as the round progressed. Despite a near fifteen point lead, Florida was still shaky as London made a case against their rivals with continued strong defensive power plays. The Ravens chipped away at Florida’s lead, making it a ten-point match in the final seconds of the round, but it wasn’t enough to maintain the win as Florida took the win.

As the teams switched sides, the game jumped from a ten-point match to eight points, with the Ravens pushing through to Point C on the map, with London Royal favorite Dylan doing everything he could feasibly think of to secure the lead and carry the game for his team. Mutineers’ power player, Frosty, started to come to life in this round, with a strong defense as well as a kill-them-as-I-go one-man offensive against a consistent London defense. The match stayed close, but point by point, the London Royal Ravens were not giving up. With fifty seconds left in the round, the game was a battle of eight-point difference, with Florida doing their best to keep the lead over London’s offensive… as Florida took their first match win, making it a 2-1 game.

Round Four

Florida started strong with a twenty-three point lead over London right from the start of the Domination match. In a flash, London bounced back offensively. They tied and then defeated every bit of pressure Florida threw their way, taking a more than thirty point lead over their rivals. That lead grew to over seventy points later on in the match, as Rated and Wuskin traded off kills against Florida with ease.

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The entire Royal Ravens team lead a strong offensive against Florida. As Florida attempted to push forward, it seemed there was nothing the Mutineers could do to as the kills grew to a more than 100 point difference, all in favor of London. Every second that Florida gave up defensively only strengthened the Ravens’ beast mode attack, as the final moments of the match took place in the middle of the Azhir cave. Wuskin was 29/13 by the end of the match, and with no surprise at all, the London Royal Ravens destroyed the Florida Mutineers with a  3-1 final standing.

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