CDL Challengers Elite Stage 1 – Day 2 Recap

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CDL Challengers Elite Stage 1 – Day 2 Recap

Here’s a recap of all the action from day two of Stage 1 of Challengers Elite.


The Call of Duty Challengers Elite is back. This year the event consists of 12 teams from both NA and EU, all battling in three weeks of matches to crown a champion. Tonight we saw another 24 matches with each team playing twice. Here are all the scores, and a quick recap of each region.

EU Recap

Elevate 3-0 Synes (No Stream or Stats)

Veer 3-0 Nixuh

Veer won their first series of the Elite tonight with a quick 3-0 to bounce back from two losses last night. The final map of this series was a 3-1 victory on Hotel Control, where Mythix absolutely dominated putting up 31 kills and a 2.21 K/D as Team Veer looked to keep their hopes of a playoff spot alive.

eFuse 3-0 Whos in Charge

eFuse picked up their first victory of the Elite with a 3-0 sweep over Whos in Charge. Kels became the first Female to qualify for a Challengers Elite, and has now become the first to win a match, as she dominated the final Control with important kills and streaks to hold down the map.

Team Notorious 3-2 ClutchRayn (No Stream or Stats)

Aw0babobs 3-0 La Nave Del Misterio

Aw0babobs continue to dominate in the Challengers Elite with their third straight 3-0 victory coming here against La Nave Del Misterio. This match also saw their third straight Control 3-0 as they completely dominated, seeing Breszy put up a massive 18/9 game to end the series.

The Originals 3-0 Falcons (No Stream or Stats)

Veer 3-0 Synes

Team Veer completed a perfect 6-0 map record of a day to bounce back from their struggles in day one. The roster looked composed during today's matches, and could be an underdog as they look to qualify for the playoffs.

La Nave Del Misterio 3-0 Whos in Charge

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La Nave Del Misterio bounced back from their earlier 3-0 defeat to 3-0 Whos in Charge to go 1-1 on the day. The team clutched up in a round 11 on Hotel Search and Destroy in map two, seeing RenKoR dominate in SnD once again with 10 kills.

The Originals 3-0 Elevate

In what might be the Challengers grudge match of the century, The Originals completed a 3-0 sweep over Elevate. A 3-2 Hotel Control was the map that closed out the series, over Denza will not be happy on the side of Elevate as he put up a massive 41 kills for a loss. 

Nixuh 3-1 Falcons

Nixuh suffered a 3-0 defeat in their first match of the day, but they returned to form here with a 3-1 victory over Falcons. Dqvee has been dominant on the side of Nixuh throughout the Elite so far, and map four in this series was no different with his 29 kills topping the lobby, and seeing Nixuh take the series.

ClutchRayn 3-1 eFuse

Fibrone has been incredible for ClutchRayn so far in the Elite, and this series was no different. The map three Hotel Control was where he showed up the most, going 22/12 and getting some incredibly important kills to keep the team alive, and put them 2-1 up in the series they went on to win.

Aw0babobs 3-1 Team Notorious

Aw0babobs remain undefeated so far in the Elite as they took a 3-1 victory over Team Notorious to close out the day. Cobra and Abuzah were the main slayers in the map four Fortress Hardpoint, seeing them both drop 35 kills as they closed out the series.

NA Recap

OMiT 3-0 Aw0babobs (No Stream or Stats)

PRS Gaming 3-0 Convoy Gaming (No Stream or Stats)

Boston Breach Academy 3-1 Team WaR

Boston Breach Academy did not have a good start to the Elite season suffering back to back 3-0 losses last night. However, they bounced back tonight with an incredible performance, including a clutch victory in the map four Hardpoint to take the series. Kremp was dominant, putting up a 1.16 K/D in the series, and seeing Boston Academy secure their first win of the Elite series.

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ROKKR Academy 3-0 Iron Blood Gaming (No Stream or Stats)

TFeL Enterprises 3-1 SMOG Alpha

SMOG Alpha surprised the entire Call of Duty community last night with two 3-2 victories to kick off the Challengers Elite season. They unfortunately fell in their first match tonight, however this was to an extremely impressive TFeL Enterprises squad. FeLo was dominant, putting up 26 kills in the final map of the series as they took a 250-118 victory to close out the match.

Aphelion 3-0 Phase One

Aphelion closed out this series extremely quickly with a clean 6-2 Fortress Search and Destroy victory in map two. In this map we saw Gunsii and Gwinn dominate, both putting up 9/4 performances to combine for 18 kills as Aphelion took a 2-0 lead, and eventually took the series.

Boston Breach Academy 3-0 Aw0babobs

Boston Breach Academy took their second victory of the night through a dominant 3-0 against Aw0babobs. They closed out this series on an extremely hectic Fortress Control. However, Boston Academy remained composed and closed out the map 3-2 to win the series in a 3-0 sweep.

OMiT 3-2 Phase One

OMiT were pushed all the way to a game five in this series against Phase One, however, they clutched up in the final Mercado Search and Destroy to win the series 3-2. This final map was no competition, with OMiT taking a 6-1 victory thanks to Davpadie’s 10 kills in this final map.

Aphelion 3-1 Team WaR

ROKKR Academy 3-0 PRS Gaming

Iron Blood 3-1 SMOG Alpha

TFeL Enterprises 3-1 Convoy Gaming

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