CDL 2023 Major 2 – Day 4 Recap

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CDL 2023 Major 2 – Day 4 Recap

Here’s a recap of the final day of CDL 2023 Major 2. 

The Call of Duty League returned to LAN as we went to Boston for the second Major of the 2023 season. With four more great matches today, here’s all the action from the final day of CDL 2023 Major 2 in Boston.

Atlanta FaZe 3-2 Minnesota ROKKR

Minnesota ROKKR have looked excellent so far in Major 2, with Bance and Afro performing at their best, the team looks like a dangerous roster. They started this series hot with a big 250-223 Hotel Hardpoint victory to put themselves 1-0 up in this series. Bance and Afro led the line here, with 28 and 29 kills respectively, seeing Afro dominate the map with a 1.32 K/D.

However, Atlanta FaZe bounced back with a 6-4 El Asilo Search and Destroy win. Afro was incredible once again, however it was the composure and clutch from Atlanta FaZe that saw them dominate the map with 11 and 10 kills from Simp and Cellium who looked great as we head into the Control. This map three El Asilo Control was extremely even as it went all the way to a round five, however it was Minnesota ROKKR who clutched up for the map three win, and a 2-1 series lead.

Atlanta FaZe took us all the way to a map five with a 250-137 Embassy Control. This was incredibly dominant from Atlanta FaZe as the whole team finished with positive K/D’s, seeing Slasher top the leaderboard with a 1.55. Minnesota ROKKR suffered here as they were outslayed by 22 kills and just could not get anything going all map. Atlanta FaZe were 5-3 down in the final map of the series on Hotel Search and Destroy. However, a ridiculous comeback saw them take the map 6-5 and the series 3-2, booking their spot in the Grand Finals.

LA Thieves 3-1 OpTic Texas

The LA Thieves have not lost a map in their last three series’, however, OpTic Texas handed them their first loss in a 250-203 Hotel Hardpoint in map one of this series. Shotzzy was flying around the map absolutely dominating as OpTic Texas took a 1-0 lead in the series.

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Clutch factor was the name of the game for the LA Thieves in map two however as they took the round 11 seeing them win map two Embassy Search and Destroy 6-5. This levelled the series and saw the Thieves back to their best heading into the Control. Map three Fortress Control also went the way of the LA Thieves with yet another clutch final round. This 3-2 victory was led by a massive 31 kills from Kenny that saw them dominate the map on both offensive and defensive rounds. 

The LA Thieves closed out this series in an extremely close map four that saw them come out with a 250-243 Embassy Hardpoint win to take the series 3-1. This was a very close map with the lead changing sides on almost every hill, however it was the Thieves who clutched up in the end.

LA Thieves 3-0 Minnesota ROKKR

The Thieves may have suffered a loss in the Hotel Hardpoint map one of the previous series, but they came back strong in this one with a 250-168 victory to kick off the match. Drazah was the main slayer, putting up 25 kills and a 1.47 K/D as the LA Thieves took a 1-0 lead in this series. The LA Thieves continued to dominate in this series with a 6-4 El Asilo Search and Destroy victory that put them up 2-0 in this match. Octane was running the show here as he put up 14 kills and a 3.50 K/D as the LA Thieves took a 2-0 series lead and looked in a great position to close out the series.

Close out the series is exactly what they did as the LA Thieves took a 3-1 Fortress Control victory to see the series end in a quick and easy 3-0 sweep. Envoy was dominant in this map, putting up a massive 32 kills and a 2.13 K/D as the LA Thieves booked their spot in the Grand Finals.

Atlanta FaZe 4-2 LA Thieves (Grand Finals)

This Grand Finals kicked off in extraordinary fashion, with a two point Hardpoint to start the series. This map went the way of the LA Thieves, and put Atlanta FaZe in a tough spot. In our post match press conference, Slasher said if FaZe won the first map, they would be fine. Well, their plan did not go as expected and this close map set the standard for the rest of the series.

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Map two was a Hotel Search and Destroy. Here, Simp dominated the map, putting up 14 big kills and a 3.50 K/D as Atlanta FaZe tied this best of seven series heading into the Control. Atlanta FaZe have been dominant in Control all year so far, so this victory was no surprise. However, this was an extremely close match that came down to just seconds. Atlanta FaZe outslayed massively, with Simp and aBeZy dominating the map putting up 32 and 36 kills respectively, however their effort was only just enough to squeeze through with a 3-2 victory on this Hotel Control.

The LA Thieves got back into this Grand Finals and tied the series 2-2 with their second Hardpoint win of the match. This 250-180 Hotel Hardpoint was a well played map by the entire LA Thieves team, but it was Octane yet again who topped the leaderboard in this map four. Atlanta FaZe unsurprisingly took the fifth map in this series, an El Asilo Search and Destroy. Atlanta FaZe went undefeated in Search and Destroy at this Major, and their sheer clutch factor was the biggest player in this. A round 11 6-5 victory in this map five put Atlanta FaZe on series point, and it was an unbelievable 2 piece from aBeZy that was the turning point in this map.

Atlanta FaZe dominated the following El Asilo Control and there was almost no contest from the LA Thieves as a quick 3-0 saw Atlanta FaZe close out this Grand Finals series with a 4-2 victory. This map was immensely dominant from Atlanta FaZe, seeing Cellium end the map with a 3.00 K/D, and Slasher put up a 2.43.

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