CDL 2023 Major 2 – Day 3 Recap

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CDL 2023 Major 2 – Day 3 Recap

Here’s a recap of the third day of CDL 2023 Major 2.

The Call of Duty League returned to LAN as we went to Boston for the second Major of the 2023 season. With five more great matches today, here’s all the action from day three of CDL 2023 Major 2 in Boston.

Boston Breach 3-0 Los Angeles Guerrillas

The Los Angeles Guerrillas dominated Fortress Hardpoint yesterday as Arcitys dropped a new kill record with 42. However, the hometown team of Boston Breach were not scared, and they squared up on this map to kick off the series. This was a good choice, as Boston Breach clutched up in the final two Hardpoints to close out the map 250-228. This was a well controlled map from Boston Breach as they maintained a lead throughout and put themselves 1-0 up in this series. 

Boston Breach continued to impress with a great 6-4 El Asilo Search and Destroy win in map two. Owakening was excellent in this map as he clutched up multiple times to bring his Boston Breach squad to a 2-0 lead in this series. The series was closed out in three as Boston Breach took a 3-2 Fortress Control victory to take the series in three. Nero dominated this map as he put up 25 kills and a 2.50 K/D, however this was a frustrating map to watch as the Boston Breach team sat in their spawn for the 4th round, looking after their kill lead to ensure a round 5 defence.

Atlanta FaZe 3-0 Toronto Ultra

Atlanta FaZe came out and took map one in this series with a 250-153 victory on Mercado Hardpoint. However, this was more a case of Toronto Ultra coming out flat than FaZe being at the top of their game. Ultra struggled at the beginning and found themselves around 80 points down before rallying back to just a 10 point deficit. However, the early damage had been done, and Atlanta FaZe closed out the map. Atlanta FaZe doubled their lead with a 6-1 El Asilo Search and Destroy victory. Simp began this map going 8/0 in an extraordinary map from him that saw him end the game with X kills. FaZe were composed and calm in this map and look in the driving seat to close it out.

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Atlanta FaZe closed out the series in a quick and easy 3-0 with a 3-0 Hotel Control victory. In our post match interview, Slasher said that this series ‘felt kinda easy’ and that everything was going in their favour throughout. Atlanta FaZe are looking good and feeling confident as they book their spot in Winners Finals. 

Minnesota ROKKR 3-0 OpTic Texas

Minnesota ROKKR have struggled in map one Hardpoints for almost the entirety of the Call of Duty League era, no matter what the starting roster is. However, they came out with some fire in this one as they took a 250-189 Hotel Hardpoint victory to kick off the series, seeing Bance dominate with 27 kills and a 2.25 K/D as Minnesota ROKKR took a 1-0 lead in the series. Minnesota ROKKR put us ever closer to the third 3-0 of the day with a 6-3 Embassy Search and Destroy. This was almost flawless from Minnesota ROKKR as they dominated the map with Afro putting up an ACE. This gets even more dangerous as we head to El Asilo Control, a map that Minnesota ROKKR have never lost. 

Minnesota ROKKR went on to take a 3-1 El Asilo Control victory to close out the series in a 3-0 sweep. This is a third 3-0 sweep of the day, and in our post match press conference Cammy said that they did not think the series would be this easy, but they’re on their game right now and are confident heading into Winners Finals.

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LA Thieves 3-0 Toronto Ultra

Toronto Ultra were dominated in the second series of the day as they suffered a 3-0 loss. The LA Thieves came in looking to do the same, and they started the series perfectly with a 250-165 Mercado Hardpoint victory. Octane was incredible in this map, putting up a massive 31 kills and a 2.38 K/D. Map two was also a blowout for the LA Thieves who took a 6-2 Hotel Search and Destroy win to take a 2-0 lead in the series. Drazah has been great in Search and Destroy recently, and this map was no different as he put up 12 kills and a 6.00 K/D.

A 3-1 Hotel Control victory saw the LA Thieves close out the series in a quick 3-0 for our fourth 3-0 victory of the day. The LA Thieves now sit with a 9-0 record in their last three matches, and are looking dominant heading into championship sunday. 

OpTic Texas 3-0 Boston Breach

This elimination series started on a Hydro Hardpoint that was won by OpTic 250-248. This was an unbelievable map as the lead kept changing sides throughout right until the final rotation where OpTic Texas managed to think ahead and rotate early to get the final two points needed for the map and a 1-0 series lead. OpTic Texas were 4-1 down in the map two Fortress Search and Destroy, and it looked like it was all going the way of Boston Breach. However, yet another breakdown saw OpTic Texas dominate the next 5 rounds, winning all 5 and taking the map 6-4 to take a 2-0 lead in the series.

OpTic Texas closed out the series and the day with another 3-0, seeing every single match today end in a 3-0 sweep. A 3-1 El Asilo Control saw OpTic Texas close out the series as they looked great, with every player performing at their best in this series. 

Don't forget you can find more post match interviews from Major 2 on our YouTube.

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