CDL 2022 Major 1 Qualifiers — Week 2 Day 1 Recap

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CDL 2022 Major 1 Qualifiers — Week 2 Day 1 Recap

Here’s a recap of everything from the beginning of the second week of Major 1 qualifiers.

Week two of Major 1 qualifiers got underway last night. Here’s everything that went down in day one.

Boston Breach 3-1 Paris Legion

Boston began this series in great form as they dominated Paris Legion on Bocage Hardpoint, winning the map 250-155. Capsidal was untouchable in this map, going positive 17 and putting up a 1.85 K/D.

This momentum continued into map two, seeing Breach win 6-2 and take a 2-0 series lead. However, Paris Legion were not going down easy, and even with an exceptional map from TJHaly as he went positive 15, Legion took the map three. Regardless, Boston Breach closed out the series in map four, winning in an even more dominant fashion 250-141.

Seattle Surge 3-2 Minnesota ROKKR

Pred began this match in dominant fashion for Seattle Surge as he put up 37 kills in their 250-225 Bocage Hardpoint win. While Pred was exceptional, this map came close, and set the tone for the rest of the series. 

Map two saw ROKKR respond, winning Berlin Search and Destroy 6-4 with Standy and Attach finishing the map with 12 and 11 kills respectively. This was a much needed response from Minnesota ROKKR, and furthermore shows their SnD prowess we knew they had. The series remained close however it was Seattle Surge who took the Control 3-2. While some incredible plays from Pred and Sib were required, Surge eventually won in round five, and secured the 2-1 series lead.

The back and forth nature of this match continued with Minnesota ROKKR winning map four. Even though they may not have had the statistical advantage in this map, Standy showed up and dominated. He dropped 30 kills and forced a game five. However, the iceman cannot be defeated, and Accuracy clutched a round 11 1v2 to secure the series, and keep Surge’s undefeated record.

Toronto Ultra 3-0 LA Guerrillas

Toronto Ultra took a 1-0 lead in this series, however it wasn't a simple map one. Ultra were outslayed by two, with Bance finishing the map negative 14 kills. The Bocage Hardpoint finished due to the clock, seeing Ultra win 245-239 and secure a 1-0 series lead.

The Search and Destroy was a similar story. LAG took the lead, and definitely should've closed out the map. However, Toronto clutched up and saw out the map, taking a 2-0 lead and all but finishing the series. Ultra concluded the series in three as they took the Control 3-2 to win the series. While it came close, Toronto showed their dominance once again as they were the driving force in each map, and looked comfortable throughout.

LA Thieves 3-1 New York Subliners

Royalty had a rough start to his Call of Duty League debut, going negative 16 in his first map. However, as he is playing from his home in Canada for the time being, we have to cut him a little slack. Regardless, this was a dominant performance from the Thieves in map one, winning 250-206 with all players going positive.

Map two was a rebound from the Subliners, winning in a round 11 to tie the series. Here, Royalty showed his SnD prowess we all know him for, putting up 10 kills and leading the lobby. However, the Thieves returned the momentum to themselves in the Control, winning 3-1 and heavily outslaying New York. This was unfortunately the end of the Subliners’ chances in this series, with LA Thieves closing it out with a 250-218 map four.

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