CDL 2021 Power Rankings After Stage 3 Week 2

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CDL 2021 Power Rankings After Stage 3 Week 2

Here’s our updated Power Rankings for the 2021 Call of Duty League Season.

Week 2 saw even more upsets than we expected, and Stage 3 is off to a great start. However, these upsets lead to a slight change in our Power Rankings, so here’s our updated list following Stage 3 Week 2.

12. Paris Legion (-)

Matthew "Skrapz" Marshall during his time with the London Royal Ravens

Paris Legion suffered defeat to Minnesota ROKKR, but took down the Mutineers 3-1. While you may think this win would push them up the rankings, 3 of Paris’ 5 wins this season come against Florida, so they just seem to match up well. To move up the rankings, we need to see a consistent improvement from the Legion.

11. Seattle Surge (-2)

A shadow silhouette appears against a blue and green terminal background. The message "Asset Acquired" appears beside the silhouette with the Seattle Surge logo appearing on the opposite side

Seattle Surge are rumored to be making a roster change tonight, but currently, they move down to 11th in our Power Rankings. Their 3-0 sweep from New York was dominant, and Seattle looked lost. A roster change is needed, and we could see it as soon as tonight.

10. London Royal Ravens (+1)

Pro CoD player Alex “Zaptius” Bonilla stands with graffiti behind him and the words "Welcome Zapitus" next to him.

The London Royal Ravens had an excellent week 2, defeating New York 3-2, and taking Atlanta FaZe to a game five. London performed great, and with a few improvements, they could easily be challenging for the top 8 and a spot at Champs.

9. Los Angeles Guerrillas (+1)

Bryan "Apathy" Zhelyazkov faces the camera in his gaming chair wearing a white hoodie

The Los Angeles Guerrillas have surprised most after dropping Vivid. The team seems to all be on the same page now, and their AR dominance along with their slower paced, more methodical play has brought them close to some wins. However, a 3-0 loss to Toronto and 3-2 loss to Dallas this week sees them stay down in ninth.

8. Florida Mutineers (-)

Travis “Neptune” McCloud sits with headset on at the PC ready to play. The words "Welcome Aboard Neptune" appear beside him in front of the Florida Mutineers logo

The Mutineers look like an extremely promising team, but it's just not coming together. Recently, Huke and Florida’s CEO followed each other on Twitter, possibly hinting at a move to the Mutineers. If this happens, Florida will look great, but we can't see Empire letting such a big talent go for nothing.

7. Minnesota ROKKR (-1)


Minnesota ROKKR defeated Paris Legion 3-1, before suffering a 3-1 defeat themselves to Toronto Ultra. The match against Toronto saw an absolute breakdown in Control, with ROKKR being reverse swept in Map 3, resulting in Toronto going on to win the series 3-1. Minnesota have the talent, but they need to be lights out in Hardpoint or Control, at the moment, they have neither.

6. New York Subliners (-3)

James "Clayster" Eubanks at the PC for the Subliners during a live game of Call of Duty

The New York Subliners took the league by surprise when they defeated Atlanta FaZe in their first match with Hydra. However, their recent 3-2 loss to the Royal Ravens sees them move down to 6th. The Subliners seem to be an on and off team this year, win one, lose one, win again and repeat. They need to be more consistent from now on.

5. Dallas Empire (-)

Dallas Empire take out the Chicago Huntsman to win the CDL 2020 Championship

Dallas Empire improved on their 3-0 defeat to Toronto Ultra last week with a 3-2 win over the LA Guerrillas. They take on Florida and Minnesota in two must win matches this week and Shotzzy and iLLeY are the main factors here. The SMG duo dominated against the Guerrillas, and they'll need to keep this up at their Home Series.

4. OpTic Chicago (-)

Brandon "Dashy" Otell makes a call through the mic during a live game of the Call of Duty League

OpTic Chicago were defeated 3-1 by the LA Thieves in a shock match. While they tried to switch up the meta using the Milano and the FFAR, the Thieves looked too good, and OpTic struggled. OpTic have two hard matches next week, so they'll need to fix up before then.

3. LA Thieves (+4)

Kenneth "Kenny" Williams concentrates during a live game of Call of Duty

Last week we said we needed to see more consistency from the Thieves, well, we got exactly that. After taking FaZe to a game five, LA Thieves defeated OpTic 3-1 and they look great heading into Week 3. Kenny is possibly the best player in the league right now, so the Thieves need to play around him and take advantage.

2. Atlanta FaZe (-)

A close up of Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris behind the screen during a CDL series

Atlanta FaZe had two tough matches this week, being taken to game fives by both LA Thieves and London Royal Ravens. However, they won both matches. They don't look dominant by any means, but they know how to clutch up, and this is the only thing saving time right now.

1. Toronto Ultra (-)

Cameron "Cammy" McKilligan waves as he enters the stage in his Toronto Ultra hoodie

The Europeans reign supreme again, sitting 4-0 in Stage 3 and currently on an 8 game win streak, Toronto Ultra look unbeatable. Their teamwork is unparalleled, and their individual talent has bailed them out when needed. It’s going to take something special to beat Ultra in this form.

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