CDL 2021 Power Rankings After Stage 3 Major

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CDL 2021 Power Rankings After Stage 3 Major

Here are our updated power rankings following the Stage 3 Major.

The Stage 3 Major brought even more excellent matches in the Call of Duty League. With some major upsets, blowout matches and games going down to the wire, here’s how our Power Rankings have shifted following the Stage 3 Major.

12. Paris Legion (-)

A London Royal Ravens player claps his hands walking out on the CDL stage.

Following a 3-1 defeat to the London Royal Ravens, Paris Legion stays bottom of our Power Rankings. They don't seem to be making any improvements, and with the end of the season coming very quickly, Paris will need to improve if they want to qualify for Champs.

11. Seattle Surge (-)

A close up shot of Sam “Octane” Larew during a live CDL match

Seattle Surge stays down in 11th place following their 3-1 defeat to the Los Angeles Guerrillas. Seattle has struggled in Hardpoint since the addition of Decemate, and losing two to the Guerrillas does not look good. The surge will need to improve their respawns heading into Stage 4.

10. Los Angeles Guerrillas (-)

A side shot of Call of Duty player Silly with his teammates behind him.

While they kicked off the Major with a 3-1 win over Seattle Surge, they were defeated 3-1 by OpTic Chicago to end their Major run. Yet again, the Guerrillas have struggled in their respawns, and they’ll need to improve heading into Stage 4. Along with this, they need to prove themselves against the best, they can beat the teams beneath them, but need to beat teams higher up in the league.

9. Minnesota ROKKR (-3)

Dillon "Attach" Price points to a team mate during a live series in the CDL

Minnesota ROKKR were dominated in a quick 3-0 defeat to the London Royal Ravens to end their Major. They looked completely lost, and their respawns struggled specifically, taking a 3-0 defeat in the Control. While it appears Minnesota ROKKR is making a change, it may be too late in the season.

8. London Royal Ravens (+1)

Pro CoD player Alex “Zaptius” Bonilla stands with graffiti behind him and the words "Welcome Zapitus" next to him.

The London Royal Ravens looked better than ever in Major 3, and they had a great chance at a run. While they lost 3-0 to the LA Thieves in their last match at the Major, they looked great, and this could be the momentum they need going into Stage 4. However, just as they start to look great, it seems as though Afro may be coming into the squad, and replacing Zaptius for Stage 4.

7. Dallas Empire (-2)

Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro looks toward the camera for a moment during a live game of CDL

Dallas Empire was unable to win a single map at the Major, and two 3-0 defeats from Atlanta FaZe and OpTic Chicago don't look good going into Stage 4. Dallas Empire will need to find the root of their problem, and get back to their level with Huke. Whether this will be another chance, or if Empire is just looking to improve in time for Champs, they need to improve quickly.

6. Florida Mutineers (+1)

Pro Call of Duty League player Colt “Havok” McLendon sits at a PC with a Florida Mutineers logo behind him.

Florida Mutineers are a team that can look like the best in the world one day, and then the worst the next. Consistency has been a real problem for the Mutineers, and it’s something that they will need to fix heading into Stage 4.

5. LA Thieves (-1)

Kenneth "Kenny" Williams concentrates during a live game of Call of Duty

LA Thieves took a 3-1 defeat to Florida Mutineers in their first match at the Major, before bouncing back with a 3-0 win over the Royal Ravens. While they were eventually knocked out by Toronto Ultra, the Thieves looked improved on their first match with Huke. However, they still haven't had a lot of time with Huke, and will only get better throughout the season.

4. OpTic Chicago (+4)

Brandon “Dashy” Otell adjusts his headset microphone on the CDL stage.

OpTic Chicago made a great losers bracket run at Major 3. Dashy and Scump specifically stepped up for the Major, absolutely dominating and securing a Top 4 finish for OpTic. This improvement was needed and gives them great momentum heading into Stage 4.

3. New York Subliners (-)

Obaid "Asim" Asim cheers at the camera after a victory during his time with the Minnesota Rokkr

The New York Subliners secured a 2nd place finish at the Major, as they unfortunately couldn't close out the Grand Finals. Hydra looked excellent in his first Major with the squad, and New York is without a doubt one of the most dangerous teams in the league now. Their Hardpoint is exceptional and this looks great going into Stage 4.

2. Toronto Ultra (-1)

Ben "Bance" Bance sits behind his monitor during a live game

Toronto Ultra still looks like one of the most dangerous teams in the league. However, the drop to second in our Power Rankings due to FaZe winning their second Major of the season. Yet again, Toronto’s teamwork was unmatched at Major 3, and their clutch factor is incredible. Toronto will be looking to go flawless again in the group stage of Stage 4.

1. Atlanta FaZe (+1)

Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris fist bumps an ATL FaZe teammate after a win.

Atlanta FaZe sees themselves move up into first in our Power Rankings following their win at Major 3. Arcitys played some of the best COD of his career as he completely dominated, putting up a 1.18 overall K/D in Stage 3. FaZe has reclaimed the top spot and will look to stay there throughout Stage 4.

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