Carolina Royal Ravens Announce MW3 Roster

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Carolina Royal Ravens Announce MW3 Roster

Pending League approval, the Carolina Royal Ravens have their MW3 roster set for CDL next year!

After the departure of their former Call of Duty roster this summer, the Carolina Royal Ravens needed some fresh blood. And they definitely found some.

The Carolina Royal Ravens Call of Duty squad members are Clayster, GodRx, Gwinn, and ReeaL.

Any CDL fan will recognize the legendary three-time World Champion Clayster, bringing it home in 2015, 2019, and 2020. After a relatively quiet 2023 with the Las Vegas Legion, Clayster will bring his seasoned play to the Carolina Royal Ravens next year.

GodRx and Gwinn are former OMiT members who left the organization in June. Since beginning his professional CoD career in 2019, GodRx has spent a lot of time in the ROKKR ecosystem. He and Gwinn are former OMiT members who left the organization in June.

OMiT had a very successful 2023 in the Challengers circuit, topping at Call of Duty Challengers 2023 – Elite 1: NA and the Call of Duty Challengers 2023 Finals.

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The freshest face of the new Carolina Royal Ravens roster is ReeaL. ReeaL has shown lots of potential, with many fans hoping he'd get a chance on the Minnesota ROKKR main roster. He will instead get a chance to showcase his abilities on the Royal Ravens.

The Carolina Royal Ravens deciding to start with a fresh slate for MW3 comes as no surprise, as the organization had a very underwhelming 2023 season, which had no top rankings in any Majors. More than that, the Ravens have been in a pretty bad slump for the past several years. But if anyone can turn the organization's luck around, it'll be a Clayster-led squad.

A turnaround couldn't come at a better time, as the Carolina Royal Ravens will host Major IV next summer.

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