Call of Duty: Zlaner & Aydan Win Their Second HusKerrs’ Howl In Qualifier #3

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Call of Duty: Zlaner & Aydan Win Their Second HusKerrs’ Howl In Qualifier #3

They won the first and they’ve done it again, Zlaner & Aydan have took home another $30K from HusKerrs’ Howl Qualifier #3.

HusKerrs’ Howl is a brand new Warzone tournament series ran by popular streamer, Jordan “HusKerrs” Thomas. The tournament consisted of three qualifiers before the main event tonight, and Zlaner & Aydan have managed to take home two of these qualifiers. Last night they took home their second win, and it was in dominant fashion too, here’s how they won their second HusKerrs’ Howl qualifier.

Zlaner & Aydan’s Road to Victory

They started off in game one against Maven & Merk. This was nothing more than a warm-up game for the duo as they defeated them 58-40 winning by a big 18 kill margin. In round two they took on another extremely good duo of Repullze & Priestahh. This was a slightly closer game, however, Zlaner & Aydan won 45-31 to push them into the Winners Finals.

Winners Finals was a tough match against Tommey & Rated. Tommye & Rated unfortunately encountered a stream sniper during the match and went on to lose 68-65. While Zlaner & Aydan had now made it to the Grand Finals, that isn't the way they would have wanted to do it. The Grand Finals saw them face off against TeePee & Crowder. This was an extremely dominant affair, with Zlaner & Aydan winning by a massive 26 kills with a 44-18 score.

Zlaner & Aydan have now won two qualifiers, but what does that mean for the Final? Well, since they have already won, second place TeePee & Crowder get their second spot. This means that the Grand Final round one matchups are:

  • Zlaner & Aydan vs Repullze & Priestahh
  • HusKerrs & Symfuhny vs Bobbypoff & Crimsix
  • Tommey & Rated vs Dashy & Almond
  • SuperEvan & DiazBiffle vs TeePee & Crowder

The Grand Final starts tonight November 7 at 3 PM EST.

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