Call of Duty: Warzone Annihilates Records, Destroys Fortnite in Twitch Views

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Call of Duty: Warzone Annihilates Records, Destroys Fortnite in Twitch Views

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare becomes the most-viewed game on Twitch thanks to its Warzone spinoff.

The new free-to-play Battle Royale game in the Call of Duty series, Warzone, has not bombed. In fact, it’s been the bomb to take out (or rather overtake) Fortnite in terms of Twitch view statistics.

The proof comes from the Twitch statistics tracking page Over the past three days since Warzone’s launch on Tuesday, March 10, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, its parent game, has become the most viewed game on Twitch. The game clocked in at almost 15 million views. Over the same three-day period, League of Legends clocked in almost 10 million views, and Fortnite didn’t even show up in the top five.

Hours streamed playing Warzone have beaten Fortnite as well. Again, over the same three-day period since Warzone’s launch, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has clocked in at over 450,000 hours streamed. Fortnite managed to clock in just under 300,000 hours.

Infinity Ward, meanwhile, is not done with Warzone yet. Far from it. According to an article by USA Today, Infinity Ward has lots of future plans for the game. One of its planned features is to increase the size of squads from just three at present, to four or five-player squads. With this feature will come the expansion of the number of players able to play simultaneously to 200. They’re also planning other game modes for Warzone’s massive map, but those haven’t been revealed yet.

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