Call of Duty: Vikkstar123 and WarsZ go Back to Back — to Back in Warzone Wednesday

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Call of Duty: Vikkstar123 and WarsZ go Back to Back — to Back in Warzone Wednesday

Just as we thought they couldn’t get any better, Vikk and WarsZ won their third Warzone Wednesday in a row!

As we reported last week, the British duo of Vikkstar123 and Itz_WarsZ won back to back Warzone Wednesday tournaments. This won them $40k in two weeks. Vikk and WarsZ couldn’t stop there though, they just won their third in a row. Going back to back to back, and being the first team to do it. The British duo powered through two sets of former winners, the first being Bobbypoff and Tommey in Winners Semis, before defeating Nickmercs and Swagg in Winners Finals.

Facing off against Dallas Empire’s Crimsix and Aydan in the grand finals, they were defeated in the first match. But since Aydan and Crimsix came from the losers bracket, this victory only granted them a bracket reset. They still had another match to win. Vikk and WarsZ didn’t let this phase them, winning the grand final by 5 kills overall. Although this was a close match, and Aydan and Crismix fought hard, the chemistry of Vikkstar123 and Its_WarsZ remains undefeated.

The most impressive thing about this duos streak of winning is that they always lose in the first match of the grand finals. They gave an excellent run through the whole tournament, putting themselves top seed into the grand finals; meaning they only need to win one match instead of the two for the lower seed. But they still seem to lose the first game every time, this clearly isn’t a problem, and might just be something they need to do to power them on to win. Next week will be the 9th Warzone Wednesday tournament, can Vikk and WarsZ win their fourth in a row and add another $20K to their winnings of $60K already? Who knows, but as of now, the team look unbeatable.

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