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Charlie Cater
Charlie "MiniTates" Cater has been an esports writer since May 2020, specialising in Call of Duty. He is also a University Student studying esports.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Introduces Three Combat Pacing Gameplay Choices

A fierce gunfight is shown with tanks and planes in the fray. The Call of Duty Vanguard logo appears in the corner.

Vanguard introduces three ways to play Multiplayer: Standard, Tactical and Blitz.

Call of Duty Vanguard is set to bring one of the best multiplayer experiences yet, with three ways to play coming at launch. Sledgehammer will be introducing three “Combat Pacing” options, Standard, Tactical and Blitz.

Standard gameplay is the regular multiplayer that Call of Duty fans know and love. Tactical is similar to Hardcore, increasing the time to combat with intense matches where every bullet counts. Finally, Blitz is a more casual, but fast-paced gameplay choice that packs as many players inside the map as possible.

These new combat pacing options will bring more variety to Call of Duty multiplayer. More information is set to be revealed closer to launch.

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