Call of Duty Pro League Recap: Opening Day, Division B

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Call of Duty Pro League Recap: Opening Day, Division B

As of today, Division B is officially underway for the CWL Pro League, and Team Heretics and ENIGMA6 Squad picked up wins. Unfortunately, 100 Thieves couldn’t make it tonight due to travel issues, we still had two entertaining matches on the docket. For the first match, Team Heretics took a stand against EUnited, pleasing their true believers. Second, Enigma6 Group started their Pro League run off right by taking down Denial Esports in their first match.

Match 1: Team Heretics vs. EUnited

Heretics made a bold statement for their fans and against EUnited. It was an uphill battle, with EUnited’s skill being readily apparent. But Heretics eventually came out on top, their perseverance triumphing over EUnited’s veteran skill. Heretics came out swinging in Game 1 Hardpoint, where they defeated EUnited 250-158, especially thanks to the last-minute Annihilator shots from Alejandro “Lucky” Lopez to seal the victory. EUnited wasn’t about to let these upstarts win easily, though. EUnited answered back in Game 2 Search & Destroy, claiming that game with a 6-4 score. (And yes, James “Clayster” Eubanks did fall off the map once during this game.)

The back-and-forth warfare continued in the CWL Pro League in Game 3 (Control). EUnited handily won the first two rounds, but Heretics eventually adapted. They ended up pulling off the reverse sweep against EUnited to gain the game victory 3-2. The pattern of back-and-forth continued in Game 4 (Hardpoint), where EUnited shut down Heretics’ chances at a quick series victory by winning  250-149. However, the Heretics did make a heroic stand in Game 5 (Search & Destroy). Thanks to Lucky's sniping (who lived up to his alias with some shots) that shattered EUnited’s momentum, Team Heretics claimed Game 5 with a score of 6-4, and the series.

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Match 2: Enigma6 Group vs. Denial Esports

Denial Esports has a long and storied history in the Call of Duty competitive scene, and their latest roster has just started to carry that legacy. The pressure might have been too much, though, as Enigma6 were able to capitalize on Denial’s weaknesses and claim the win. Enigma6 were handily able to defeat the current Denial roster in Game 1 (Hardpoint), where they almost put Denial in the 100 point club, with a score of 250-113. Denial stood a better chance in Game 2 (Search & Destroy). However, Enigma6 was always one step ahead and for every engagement Denial won, Enigma6 won two more. Enigma6 won Game 2 with a score of 6-4.

Denial showed signs of life in Game 3 Control. It wasn’t much, but it was just enough to claim the game victory in favor of Denial 3-2. This only delayed the inevitable, though. Denial went into Game 4 (Hardpoint) claiming an early, substantial lead, but they choked and choked hard. The resulting close match went to Enigma6 250-236, who are now 1-0 in CWL Pro League Division B.

CWL Pro League Division B is quickly starting to heat up. Check back later for our continued coverage, as on Day 2, Heretics will battle Denial, Team Envy fights Excelerate Gaming, Enigma6 dukes it out with EUnited, and Splyce faces 100 Thieves.

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