Call of Duty Pro League Day 3 Recap: Div. B

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Call of Duty Pro League Day 3 Recap: Div. B

Call of Duty Pro League Day 3 kicked off today with some changes to the meta! The Pro League was temporarily rocked by some controversial changes to a pro-favorite weapon – the Maddox RFB assault rifle. It was nerfed into the ground, but some last-minute changes to make the recoil in line with its prior state have restored it to at least somewhat of its former glory. With that in mind, the Pro League went on, and we had quality matches for Day 3 of Division B. For the first match-up, 100 Thieves finally lived up to their potential by smoking Denial Esports. Secondly, Heretics continued their undefeated streak by defeating the Enigma6 Group. Third, EUnited came dangerously close to losing against Excelerate Gaming, but clutched the victory in nail-biting fashion. Lastly, Splyce had the last laugh against Team Envy as Splyce pulled off a reverse sweep for the series victory.

Match 1: 100 Thieves vs. Denial Esports

100 Thieves had a rough start earlier this week against Splyce, as on Day 2 they got 3-0’d. However, 100 Thieves proved they were still capable of electrifying performance, as they dominated Denial Esports handily. Game 1 Hardpoint was a straight up slaughter of Denial as Preston “Priestahh” Greiner went on a reign of terror, claiming an over double-positive KD of 32/13. He was certainly the MVP that game as 100 Thieves won it 250-74. Denial attempted to answer back in Game 2 Search & Destroy, and for a moment it looked like they could keep up with 100 Thieves and maybe pass them, but 100 Thieves were always one step ahead. The margin was much closer this time as 100 Thieves won the game 6-4.

Any doubts as to whether 100 Thieves could beat Denial were put to bed in Game 3 Control, though. Sam “Octane” Larew went on a reign of terror of his own this game, as he notched a double-positive KD himself of 18/8. Denial was continuously denied any kind of foothold in Control, as 100 Thieves wiped the floor with them 3-0, and in the process claimed their first 3-0 series victory.

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Match 2: Enigma6 Group vs. Team Heretics

Heretics have fought tooth and claw to clutch their victories over the major teams in Division B, and it shows. Heretics remain undefeated in Division B so far, despite each victory so far costing them a pound of flesh. Against Enigma6, they lost Game 1 Hardpoint, as Heretics struggled to keep up with them. Enigma6 won Game 1 by a score of 250-159. From there, each game was real back-and-forth warfare, with the strengths and weaknesses of each team becoming clear. Heretics proved to be the better Search & Destroy players, as in Game 2, they handily won 6-1. Meanwhile Enigma6 demonstrated themselves to be the superior Control team, as they won Game 3 with a 3-0 shutout.

From here, however, Heretics regained composure and proceeded to reestablish their dominance. They went on to win Game 4 Hardpoint 250-171, with Juan “JurNii” Antonio Gonzalez in particular going ham with the highest KD of his team at 31/19. Game 5 Search & Destroy was almost a repeat of Game 2, as Heretics once again reigned supreme over Enigma6 with a score of 6-2.

Match 3: EUnited vs. Excelerate Gaming

This match turned into a real knock-down drag-out fight as both teams were able to keep up with each other despite their strengths and weaknesses.  For EUnited, Hardpoint proved to be their strength, as EUnited easily won over Excelerate with a score of 250-111. However, Excelerate answered back by dominating both other game modes, Search & Destroy and Control. Excelerate won Game 2 convincingly 6-2, and subsequently Control by a  margin of 3-1. However, Michael “Beehzy” Said committed a Call of Duty taboo during Game 2 by intentionally shooting the dead body of an EUnited member. There’s a “curse” of sorts that follows those teams whose members shoot dead bodies, and later on this would come back to haunt Excelerate.

Game 4 Hardpoint was a chance for EUnited to stay alive, and EUnited did just that by destroying Excelerate that game 250-93. And remember that taboo Beehzy committed in Game 2? That may have cost Excelerate Game 5. Although Excelerate cultivated an early lead against EUnited, their offensive fell apart just when they needed it the most. It came down to a Game 5 Round 11, and Excelerate failed to clutch up, with Jordan “JKap” Kaplan successfully using a Lightning Strike to bait out the sole remaining Excelerate player to kill him and win the round. EUnited came out with the 3-2 series victory.

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Match 4: Team Envy vs. Splyce

This match was suspenseful all the way through, as each game was close enough to get your heart racing. Game 1 Hardpoint It’s really hard to say which team was better, but fortune favored Splyce this time around as they scored a reverse sweep of Envy. Game 1 Hardpoint went Envy’s way with a close score of 250-217. Similarly Game 2 Search & Destroy was also tense, but Envy eventually came out on top that game with a score of 6-5.

Starting with Game 3 Control, however, things shifted in Splyce’s direction. Envy looked all set to win the series with the first two rounds of Control going their way, but Splyce managed to turn things around in the nick of time to reverse sweep Envy that game, the score 3-2 in Splyce’s favor. Splyce went on to win Game 4 Hardpoint by a closer margin than Envy won Game 1, as Splyce won Game 4 250-235. And the reverse sweep of the series was finally completed in Game 5 Search & Destroy, which, following the pattern of this series in general, went the distance to Round 11, where Splyce finally clutched up and won the game 6-5, and the series 3-2.

Check back later for our coverage of Day 4 of the Call of Duty Pro League Division B, where we have some highly anticipated matchups, including: Heretics vs. Excelerate, Denial vs. Envy, Splyce vs. Enigma6, and EUnited vs. 100 Thieves. Check out the action on or right here on ESTNN TV.

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