Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Pulls A Hasbro, Cannot Stop Nerfing Shotguns

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Pulls A Hasbro, Cannot Stop Nerfing Shotguns

When video games get released and we consumers get to interact and play them, a connection comes to life. Players find what works best in each game – best map, favorite level, the ultimate weapon –  and in the case for the ultimate Modern Warfare weapon, the winner is without a doubt the 725 shotgun.

With a record-breaking three nerfs since the first-day launch just a month ago, the Call of Duty fan favorite was updated yesterday once again, sprouting opinions (and memes) all over.

Here is the official description Activision earlier on Reddit posted regarding the latest weapons patch:


– AUG 5.56 Caliber conversion

Increasing close range damage

Increasing mid damage range and reduced chest multiplier

– 725

Small reduction to base weapon damage range

Significantly reduced the damage range added by attachments

Small hips spread increase

Reduced effective damage at the hip

– Model 680: Slight reduction of damage range with all range-extending attachments

So.. what exactly has been nerfed with the 725? The shotgun itself first started growing in popularity once players realized just how far away their shots could spray, sometimes even cartoonishly, farther than realistic expectations.

There has also been a huge amount of damage control put on every other gun in the latest Modern Warfare installment, with developers at Infinity Ward changing how each and every attachment and the effects of total range damage that the weapon has in general. The 725 is also getting a larger spread when fired at the hip, and now, of course, reduced hip-fire damage.

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