Call of Duty League: Seattle Surge Map Loss Stands After Player Lags Out

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Call of Duty League: Seattle Surge Map Loss Stands After Player Lags Out

Seattle Surge player Josiah ‘Slacked’ Berry appeared to lag out of their first match against the London Royal Ravens. Both teams played on, and the result stands.

During Seattle Surge’s first match of the weekend against hosts London Royal Ravens Slacked appeared to leave the match. He revealed on Twitter that this was due to his internet going down. The Seattle Surge players carried on the map, eventually losing 250-77. With the score around tied at the moment when Slacked had technical issues, many fans expected this to be a map replay. However, this was not the case and Sam ‘Octane’ Larew was quick to voice his opinion on Twitter.

He started off with a quote from the CDL saying “This is standing as it was a player error”. While this may be confusing and extremely unfair, this is true. The error which caused Slacked to disconnect was no fault of his own, but was no fault of the League either, meaning that the map result stands. In a series of tweets, Octane revealed in a rage that he will most likely be fined again by the Call of Duty League.

Octane continued to voice his opinion on the League finally commenting on competitive integrity.

Fellow pro players Donovan ‘Temp’ Laroda and Martin ‘Chino’ Chino also replied to Octane. However, their tweets have since been deleted, further implying that Octane will in fact be fined for his comments here.

The Call of Duty League continues to be involved in controversy. While this rule may be unfair and not liked by many pros and fans, it is a rule and therefore the map stands for the London Royal Ravens. The hosts win the series 3-1, sending Seattle Surge down to the losers bracket. As we play the penultimate CDL Home Series this weekend, this is not the kind of result Seattle Surge are looking for.

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