Call of Duty League Reveals More Playoff And Championship Weekend Details

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Call of Duty League Reveals More Playoff And Championship Weekend Details

The postseason which features a $4.2m prize pool will commence on August 19 and finish on August 30.

The Call of Duty League postseason will feature two weekends, one featuring the Playoffs and one featuring the Championship Finals. Starting on August 19 at 3 PM EST there will be a doubleheader of games which sees 9th seed play 12th seed, and 10th play 11th. This is the losers bracket round one.

How will playoffs be seeded?

Teams are placed into their seeds based on their Call of Duty League points at the end of the season. These teams will then be placed into the playoffs bracket with the top eight starting in the Winners Bracket, and the bottom four in Losers. Teams that lose in the winner's bracket drop down to the losers and get another chance, lose in the losers bracket? You’re out!

Match Format

The Call of Duty League Playoffs will feature the same regular format as usual. Best of five with the same maps and modes. However, the Call of Duty League Championship Finals will feature a different format. Here, on August 30 following the Winners Finals and Losers Semis and Finals the day before. The final two teams will commence in a momentous best of nine battle, the winner taking home $1.5 million, loser taking home only $900K. To give the winners bracket team a benefit, they will start 1-0 up in the series, meaning they only have to win four maps compared to the team coming from losers needing to win five.

The modes played in the best of nine will feature as such:

  • Hardpoint – Map 1
  • Search and Destroy – Map 2
  • Domination – Map 3
  • Hardpoint – Map 4
  • Search and Destroy – Map 5
  • Domination – Map 6
  • Hardpoint – Map 7
  • Search and Destroy – Map 8

The Call of Duty League playoffs will begin on August 19 and run until August 23. Following this, the Championship Weekend will be held across August 29 and 30 where the final four teams will battle for their place in the Championship Final.

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