Call of Duty League Pros Reverse Recent GA Decision

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Call of Duty League Pros Reverse Recent GA Decision

A recent gentleman's agreement has been nullified.

Only a week ago did Call of Duty League pro players decide to GA multiple new weapons and attachments. However, one of those has been reversed following the recent New York Subliners Home Series.

London Royal Ravens’ Matthew ‘Skrapz’ Marshall tweeted a screenshot of his new MP5 class setup with the caption, “Back to this class we go”.

As an SMG player himself, Skrapz moved to using the M4 at the Subliners Home Series as it became the favorable weapon. Here he finished the weekend with a 1.04 overall K/D, the highest he has achieved in his last three Home Series.

Why is 10mm such a big deal?

The 10mm ammo conversion adds both damage and range to the MP5, allowing it to compete with the M4, and in most scenarios beat it. Prior to the recent home series, the MP5 received a nerf, making the M4 better in gunfights against it. However, pros still decided to GA the ammo conversion. This resulted in only 4 SMG players achieving a positive overall K/D this weekend, with 2 of them being Obaid ‘Asim’ Asim and Dillon ‘Attach’ Price who both used the M4 on multiple occasions.

How will this change the meta heading into CDL London?

As we go into two more consecutive CDL events, this meta change could see some players go back to the MP5. This weekend we have seen players such as Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr and the previously mentioned Skrapz move to using the M4. This could change, with Skrapz already making the decision to revert to his previous SMG role. This meta shift may also see a change in the power rankings once again, with AR heavy rosters such as Toronto Ultra possibly slipping behind.

The Call of Duty League returns on July 17 at 1 PM EST for the London Royal Ravens Home Series.

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