Call of Duty League Playoffs – Day 5 Recap

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Call of Duty League Playoffs – Day 5 Recap

The Call of Duty League Playoffs have officially concluded and yesterday we found out the last two teams joining Atlanta FaZe and Dallas Empire at the Championship Weekend.

Here’s a recap of all yesterday's matches including the viewership record breaking Chicago Huntsmen vs OpTic Gaming.

London Royal Ravens 3-2 New York Subliners

The London Royal Ravens started off strong with a 250-180 Gun Runner Hardpoint. Trei “Zer0” Morris dropped 30 kills determined to not lose to the team that dropped him earlier in the year. However, the New York Subliners weren't going down lightly. They took the Search and Destroy 6-4 with 11 big kills from Tommy “ZooMaa” Paparatto. Following this New York also took the Domination however this could've been London’s. They started off well and were mounting a comeback but they couldn't see it out and they found themselves now 2-1 down in the series.

Map 4 was taken by London 250-209 but this never should’ve happened. London were outslayed by a massive 20 kills but managed to win the game by 41 points, how? They rotated exceptionally and won major points on each hill, so while they lost many gunfights, they won the key ones and had some very good holds. Finally, New York had no answer for the Royal Ravens in map 5 as London won 6-1 to take the series 3-2. Sean “Seany” O’Connor clutched up with a nice 1v2 in map 5 and dropped 11 kills to see London through to the next round.

The New York Subliners were sent home and placed top 8 while the London Royal Ravens advanced to challenge the Toronto Ultra for Top 4.

Notable Stats

  • Most Kills: ZooMaa – 91
  • Highest K/D: Attach – 1.27
  • Most 1vX Wins: Skrapz & Seany – 1
  • Highest Avg Hill Time: Skrapz – 81.5s

OpTic Gaming Los Angeles 3-0 Florida Mutineers

OpTic Gaming had looked very strong at Playoffs so far and they were no different in this match vs the Florida Mutineers. OGLA kicked off the series with a 250-214 Azhir Cave Hardpoint, while they had a much bigger lead at times throughout the match, they pulled through and started with a 1-0 series lead. Yet again Kenny “Kuavo” Williams started off hot dropping 37 kills in map 1.

Map 2 saw no difference as OGLA stormed through the Florida Mutineers with a 6-1 victory. Kenny dropped 7 kills as he topped the charts for OGLA once more. The Domination got very close at points and it came down to the wire but OpTic managed to close it out 158-154 to take the series 3-0 and advance through the bracket.

The Florida Mutineers were eliminated and placed top 8 while OGLA went on to play the Chicago Huntsmen for top 4.

Notable Stats

  • Most Kills: Kenny – 70
  • Highest K/D: Kenny – 1.46
  • Most 1vX Wins: TJHaly – 1
  • Highest Avg Hill Time: Havok – 107s

London Royal Ravens 3-1 Toronto Ultra

The London Royal Ravens went 1-0 down in this series as the Toronto Ultra played the Hardpoint perfectly breaking hills with ease. It was a close game at 250-230 but Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan and Anthony “Methodz” Zinni both dropped 36 kills to take the 1-0 series lead.

However, the London Royal Ravens refused to go down. They came back with a 6-4 SnD victory to tie the series. Seany and Zer0 have shown some serious form during Playoffs and this continued as they achieved 11 and 10 kills respectively in map 2. The Domination almost seems like a guaranteed loss for the Royal Ravens nowadays they have the second worst record in the league. But they somehow won the most important Domination of their season so far 155-146 to take a 2-1 series lead. The final Hardpoint was a textbook display from London as they won 250-179 taking the series 3-1 and gaining their place at the Championship Weekend.

The Toronto Ultra placed top 6 at Playoffs while the London Royal Ravens are guaranteed top 4 as they take on the Chicago Huntsmen for top 3 on Saturday.

Notable Stats

  • Most Kills: Seany – 92
  • Highest K/D: Methodz – 1.32
  • Most 1vX Wins: Wuskin & Zer0 – 1
  • Highest Avg Hill Time: Seany – 102.5s

Chicago Huntsmen 3-2 OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

In one of the most anticipated matchups of the year, the Chicago Huntsmen took on OpTic Gaming. This match accumulated the highest concurrent viewer count of the year at 146K. With everyone showing up to watch old OpTic face new OpTic for a top 4 place at champs.

Map 1 went down to the wire but the Chicago Huntsmen took it 250-241 in one of the most intense matches of the year. Only two players got less than 30 kills in map 1 and they both achieved 28, so this was an extremely close match with lots of slaying. Map 2 was taken by OpTic Gaming 6-4 as Kenny showed up once more with a big 11 kills to tie the series 1-1. OpTic Gaming secured a 2-1 series lead with a controlled 160-134 Domination victory. Newcomer Darien “Hollow” Chverchko finished the map with a 1.87 K/D, the highest in the lobby by far.

Given the hype for this match, it couldn’t be over in 4 and the Chicago Huntsmen thought the same. They won map 4 250-218 as Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson completely changed from his poor performance last series dropping a big 33 kills to force a game five. This game five was one of the best all season going down to a round 11. However, it was Dylan “Envoy” Hannon who clutched up in the 1v1 to win the round 11 and win the series 3-2. This was one of the best series all year and it saw OpTic Gaming place top 6 at Playoffs; while the Chicago Huntsmen move onto the Championship Weekend.

Notable Stats

  • Most Kills: TJHaly – 102
  • Highest K/D: Slasher – 1.17
  • Most 1vX Wins: Envoy – 1
  • Highest Avg Hill Time: TJHaly & Prestinni – 81s

The Call of Duty League returns for its final 4 matches of the season at the Championship Weekend; Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 August.



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