Call of Duty League Playoffs – Day 4 Recap

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Call of Duty League Playoffs – Day 4 Recap

Day 4 of the Call of Duty League Playoffs saw two matches from both the winners and losers bracket. If you missed any action, here's a recap of every game.

London Royal Ravens 3-1 Paris Legion

The London Royal Ravens win the battle for Europe and eliminate the Paris Legion from the 2020 Call of Duty League Championships. Map 1 saw London play a textbook Gun Runner Hardpoint to come out on top 250-211. Bradley “Wuskin” Marshall put up a massive 32 kills and finished the map with a 1.60 K/D. Wuskin is essential to London’s success and he showed up in map 1.

Map 2 was no different as London put up another exceptional performance winning 6-2 on Arklov Peak Search and Destroy. This was a solid overall performance from the Ravens as each player achieved a 1.00 K/D or higher. Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall however was making the big plays as he put up a 4.00 K/D going 8-2.

Paris Legion continued to dominate in Domination as they won 187-112 however their success didn't last long as London returned to winning form with a 250-128 map 4. This was an exceptional Rammaza Hardpoint from London and it saw them continue at COD Champs while eliminating Paris Legion.

Notable Stats

  • Most Kills: Seany – 79
  • Highest K/D: Wuskin – 1.32
  • Most 1vX Wins: N/A
  • Highest Avg Hill Time: Dylan – 99.5s

OpTic Gaming Los Angeles 3-0 Minnesota Rokkr

OpTic Gaming Los Angeles took a 1-0 lead in the series following a 250-244 victory on Azhir Cave Hardpoint. This was one of the best Hardpoint matches of the year and it nearly went down to the game clock where it would've been the first to do so. However, OGLA narrowly closed out the match after chaining together multiple hills to make an incredible comeback. Kenny “Kuavo” Williams was the MVP in game one as he achieved a massive 45 kills with a 1.18 K/D.

Map 2 was dominant from OpTic Gaming as they won 6-1. Yet again Kenny was incredible as he put up a 12.00 K/D breaking the record for highest K/D in a Search and Destroy match. However, Thomas “TJHaly” Haly also played extremely well with the sniper getting valuable picks at the start of the rounds.

Finally OGLA closed out the series 3-0 with a 161-147 Hackney Yard Domination victory. This is the third time that OpTic Gaming have 3-0’d Minnesota Rokkr this season and means that the Minnesota Rokkr finish their season with losses in their last 10 series.

Notable Stats

  • Most Kills: Kenny – 79
  • Highest K/D: Kenny – 1.41
  • Most 1vX Wins: N/A
  • Highest Avg Hill Time: Drazah – 103s

Atlanta FaZe 3-2 Chicago Huntsmen

In the most anticipated match of the night the Atlanta FaZe took on the Chicago Huntsmen. This was an extremely back and forth series with teams trading blows in each map, but it was the Atlanta FaZe who came out on top. Map 1 saw FaZe go 1-0 up after a 250-177 Rammaza Hardpoint. This was a brilliant display of slaying power from FaZe as their lowest K/D in this map was 1.14.

Map 2 saw the Chicago Huntsmen return with the ice to close out in round 11 winning the Arklov Peak SnD 6-5 and tying the series. Following this was Gun Runner Domination and in another close match the Atlanta FaZe regained their lead after a 167-150 win. Map 4 was excellent from the Huntsmen and especially Seth “Scump” Abner as he dropped 30 kills and finished with a 1.67 K/D to close out the map 250-196 and force a game five.

The game five was as dramatic as anyone could have wished for with the Chicago Huntsmen winning multiple rounds from a player deficit. But the biggest round was taken over by MajorManiak as he took down three Chicago players in round 9 to put FaZe up 5-4. This saw them go on to win the map 6-4 and gain their place in Winners Finals for a guaranteed $600K. The Chicago Huntsmen are now in Losers Semi’s.

Notable Stats

  • Most Kills: aBeZy – 90
  • Highest K/D: aBeZy & Priestahh – 1.18
  • Most 1vX Wins: Cellium & Envoy – 1
  • Highest Avg Hill Time: Scump – 74s

Dallas Empire 3-2 Toronto Ultra

The Dallas Empire started off strong with a 250-182 dominant victory on Azhir Cave Hardpoint, a map which they previously had a 0-6 record on. In map 1 all of Dallas Empire’s Assault Rifle players dropped over 30 kills showing how dominant the M4 can be on Azhir Cave. However, the Toronto Ultra quickly responded in the Search and Destroy where they won 6-4 and carried their momentum into the Domination for a narrow 158-155 victory.

Dallas Empire were not happy about being 2-1 down in the series and seemingly flipped a switch as they turned the pace up a level to absolutely destroy Toronto on Gun Runner Hardpoint. Their 250-107 victory is one of the most dominant of the year and it was Ian “Crimsix” Porter leading the charge with a massive 32 kills and a 1.88 K/D in map 4.

The Series went to a game five and that didn't last long either as Dallas Empire closed it out 6-2 to take the series 3-2. In the series, no Dallas player achieved less than 80 overall kills. This proves that Dallas has to outslay to win big. We have seen how they struggle if they don't outslay and map 4 was a prime example of pure outslaying from the Empire. Dallas will now play Atlanta FaZe in Winners Finals while Toronto have been knocked down to Losers Semi’s

Notable Stats

  • Most Kills: Cammy & Clayster – 90
  • Highest K/D: Clayster – 1.25
  • Most 1vX Wins: Huke, iLLeY & Methodz – 1
  • Highest Avg Hill Time: iLLeY – 84.5s

The Call of Duty League Playoffs conclude tonight with the New York Subliners playing the London Royal Ravens and OpTic Gaming taking on the Florida Mutineers. But that isn't the end, the CDL returns next Saturday for the Championship Weekend.

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