Call of Duty League: Minnesota Rokkr Score 3-1 In Hometown Victory Against Lackluster Toronto Ultra

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Call of Duty League: Minnesota Rokkr Score 3-1 In Hometown Victory Against Lackluster Toronto Ultra

The game started off with a 33 – 0 lead in favor of Minnesota, but Toronto shot back within the first two minutes to make it a twenty point game. However, the Ultra started to crush it, with an almost one hundred point lead in Hardpoint. Toronto bounced back within a few minutes, making it a less than thirty point game with twenty-five seconds left. Minnesota snatched the first game away from Toronto, making it a 1 – 0 series.

Round two contained the same amount of back and forth offensives, with both teams taking the lead at different points in the match. Minnesota’s defense was weaker than usual, with Toronto taking a 3 – 2 lead in Search and Destroy. They continued to play hard and eventually won the round, tying the match at 1 – 1.

Toronto came alive in the third round, a heated match of Domination. Although Minnesota held the lead for the first minute, the Ultra played up their defense and started to turn things around, despite a neck and neck battle. Minnesota secured points A and B on the map in seemingly record time, fighting their way through Toronto’s newfound defense. In the end, Minnesota took the win, as well as the lead, making it a 2 – 1 match.

The fourth round of the match was another round of Hardpoint, with Minnesota soaring out of the gate with multikills galore. The Azhir Cave may not be an official favorite map for the Rokkr, but they continue to perform admirably every time they play there. Silly racked up more than seventeen kills in the first two minutes of the match, breaking the Toronto Ultra’s attempts at defense with over a hundred point lead.

Toronto was sloppy the entire round, and with Minnesota ripping apart any form of competition, it was an easy game for the Rokkr to walk away with. Minnesota reigned supreme, maintaining their hundred point lead over a lackluster Ultra and scoring a 3 – 1 win.

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