Call of Duty League Meet to Discuss Possible Removal of Domination

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Call of Duty League Meet to Discuss Possible Removal of Domination

The Call of Duty League meet to discuss players and fans criticisms of the game mode Domination.

After complaints from pros and fans all season, it seems that the CDL have listened, and had a meeting about the third game mode. Domination. CDL Intel revealed that the Call of Duty league held a meeting regarding the mode.

Being six out of twelve events into the season, it's hard to see the CDL completely removing the mode. There have been many third game modes over the years of competitive CoD, Seattle Surge’s Sam ‘Octane’ Larew posted a throwback tweet.

Which featured one of the previous third game modes, Uplink from Black Ops 3. Along with Uplink, game modes such as Capture the Flag, Blitz and most recently Control from Black Ops 4, have joined Hardpoint and Search and Destroy as the third game mode.

Many fans have shown their dislike for Domination on social media, stating how the mode is boring to watch. But there seems to be little to no option for replacing this mode indicating that a possible rule change may be coming. The same day of the meeting Preston ‘Prestinni’ Sanderson revealed on twitter how he “woke up at 8:00 am”. While fellow pro Zoomaa replied saying he had woken up early too.

The options for another third game mode seem limited, Capture the Flag could be an option. However, it is believed that the pros voted against CTF and for Domination at the start of the season. Another option could be to play three Hardpoint matches instead. However, this may bias the league towards teams better at Hardpoint. Hopefully more will be revealed over the coming days. And we get to see the CDLs plan for the future.

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