Call of Duty League Major 4 Qualifiers – Week 2; Day 1 Recap

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Call of Duty League Major 4 Qualifiers – Week 2; Day 1 Recap

Here’s all the action from the first day of week 2 of the Call of Duty League Major 4 Qualifiers. 

The Call of Duty League returned with week 2 of qualifiers for Major 4, hosted by the New York Subliners. As the substitutes begin to settle in, we saw their full potential as we got to see three amazing matches to kick off week 2. Here’s a recap of every map, and every series.

Atlanta FaZe 3-0 Toronto Ultra

Atlanta FaZe and Toronto Ultra have had a fierce rivalry at the top of the Call of Duty League since the 2021 Black Ops Cold War season where they fought for championships month after month. Following a 3-2 win over LA Thieves last week, FaZe didn't look as dominant as usual. However, they came back strong in this map one taking a 250-136 Gavutu Hardpoint map one victory. While aBeZy put up just 15 kills in the map, this was due to his teammates dominating and taking almost every kill as Simp and Arcitys put up 26 and 24 respectively. 

The dominance continued with Atlanta FaZe picking up a 6-2 victory on Tuscan Search and Destroy to take a 2-0 lead in the series. Simp and Arcitys continued to perform with 9 and 7 kills respectively in this map as FaZe continued to look incredible in Search and Destroy with a 18-2 round record so far in the Major 4 Qualifiers. FaZe closed out the final map with a 3-2 Gavutu Control win, taking two offensive rounds to win the map. Toronto Ultra made it close and it came down to the final seconds, however FaZe prevailed with Simp dominating once again with 34 kills, leading the lobby.

London Royal Ravens 3-1 Minnesota ROKKR

The London Royal Ravens sit 1-1 in Major 4 Qualifiers so far since the return of Gimso to the squad. On the other hand, Minnesota ROKKR also sit 1-1 however a 3-0 defeat to the Mutineers sees them struggling coming into this match. The London Royal Ravens saw ROKKR’s Tuscan Hardpoint defeat to the Mutineers and came in with confidence, taking map one 250-187. However, it was an unusual suspect in Nastie who turned up in this map, dropping 26 kills, 7 more than any of his teammates as London took a 1-0 series lead.

Map two went the distance with the Desert Siege Search and Destroy going to a round 11. However, this was one of the most dominant rounds of the map, with the London Royal Ravens executing a perfect 4v4 retake to defuse the bomb and win the map. To start the map, Gismo earned full streaks with a 7 kill streak, eventually finishing the map 9/6. However it was Nastie again who topped the leaderboard with 10 kills as the Ravens took a 2-0 lead in the series.

It should’ve been a 3-0 for the Ravens as they forced the round five on Tuscan control, and secured defence. Gismo then went on an 8 spree to earn full streaks for the defensive side, but it wasn't enough as Minnesota ROKKR pushed through the Royal Ravens defence to take the map and get themselves back in the series. While map three was a devastating loss for the Royal Ravens, they held their composure and came through with a map four victory to take the series 3-1. This Berlin Hardpoint finished 250-230 and while Attach went big on the side of ROKKR with 30 kills, they took a 3-1 defeat in this series.

Boston Breach 3-1 Seattle Surge

Boston Breach picked up Vivid during the break between Major 3 and Major 4, but continued to play Gavutu after bringing in such a high engagement player. In this match, Boston Breach decided to play Bocage, and this proved to be a great decision as Vivid dominated with 43 kills and a 1.43 K/D, leading the lobby in kills and K/D as Boston Breach took a 1-0 lead over the Major 3 Champions.

Seattle Surge bounced back with a 6-3 Tuscan Search and Destroy to tie the series 1-1. While the rounds came close, Mack earned streaks in the latter half of the map to continue Seattle’s streak of rounds as they closed out the map. Mack’s dominance showed as he went 11/5 in the map getting Seattle Surge back in the series. Boston Breach took a 2-1 lead in the series through a 3-0 Tuscan where the completely dominated Seattle Surge. Nero was incredible in this map, putting up 30 kills and a 2.31 K/D as Boston went 2-1 up against the Major 3 Champs.

Many fans wouldve back the Major 3 Champs to win this series, but Boston Breach closed it out in four with a 250-214 Berlin Hardpoint win. The entire Breach roster were excellent in this final map, taking down Surge on some of their best hills and holding perfectly to win the series. Yet again, it was Vivid who shined in the Hardpoint, putting up 34 kills as Boston Breach won the series 3-1.

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