Call of Duty League Major 4 Qualifiers – Week 1; Day 3 Recap

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Call of Duty League Major 4 Qualifiers – Week 1; Day 3 Recap

Here's a recap of the final day of the first week of Major 4 Qualifiers.

The Call of Duty League wrapped up week one of its Major 4 Qualifiers as we got into the final day of this week. Yesterday’s matches provided even more shock wins and extremely entertaining matches. Here’s a complete recap of all three of day three’s matches.

Seattle Surge 3-0 Paris Legion

Paris Legion made a much needed roster change heading into the Major 4 Qualifiers, bringing in rookie Johnny to replace John. While they seem to have been frying in scrims with screenshots being posted showing them 100 point clubbing teams, this version of Paris Legion did not show in map one. Instead, the Major 3 champions Seattle Surge dominated, winning 250-152 with Pred dropping 39 kills and earning valuable streaks for the victory and a 1-0 lead in the series.

Seattle Surge continued their dominance in this series with a 6-4 Berlin Search and Destroy win in map two. The rookie Johnny was exceptional in this map though, putting up 12 kills with 4 first bloods. Paris Legion went 3-0 up in this map, before Seattle Surge brought it back with 5 straight rounds due to Sib turning it up and going on an 8 streak, leading the Surge to a 2-0 lead.

Surge continued to roll through Paris Legion as they picked up a 3-1 Berlin Control victory to close out the series in a 3-0 sweep. Pred dropped 31 kills with a 1.55 K/D picking up streaks during the map to see the Surge continue their form from Major 3.

Florida Mutineers 3-0 Minnesota ROKKR

Minnesota ROKKR have been dominant in online qualifiers since the addition of Havok, so far sitting with a 6-0 record. However, map one was played on Tuscan, Florida Mutineers best Hardpoint map. With ex-ROKKR player MajorManiak now on the side of the Mutineers, he showed up with 31 kills as Florida closed out the map in the final few seconds 250-246. The chaos was controlled from the Mutineers, with Skyz executing a perfect flank to get behind ROKKR and take a 1-0 series lead. 

Florida Mutineers continued to impress in this series by taking a 2-0 lead through a 6-2 Bocage Search and Destroy victory. The new additions of MajorManiak and 2Real appear to have settled in their second series, putting up 9 and 10 kills respectively in this map. MajorManiak made the big plays however, pulling off multiple clutches and an important 1v1 that gave the Mutineers the momentum they needed. Minnesota ROKKR’s perfect run in online qualifiers was ended by the Florida Mutineers as they clutched up with a 3-2 Tuscan Control win to take the series with the second 3-0 sweep of the night.

MajorManiak might not have been the best performer in the control, but his calmness in the chaos definitely shows as he had the clutch factor to slow it down, and get his team working together for the win.

Atlanta FaZe 3-2 LA Thieves

LA Thieves seem to have got their mojo back following a quick 3-0 victory over Boston Breach in yesterday's matches, however, Atlanta FaZe are a completely different beast. This didn't matter for LA Thieves in map one as they followed on from their Gavutu dominance in yesterday's match, taking map one 250-128 and putting themselves 1-0 up in the series. However, Atlanta FaZe instantly bounced back with an extremely dominant and flawless Berlin Search and Destroy, winning 6-0 to tie the series. Simp only died once in these six rounds, going 10/1 across the map.

The LA Thieves regained momentum in this series with a closely fought 3-2 Tuscan Control win. Every single round was amazing to watch in this map, with it coming down to the wire every time. However, it was an incredible nade from Kenny that sealed the deal, getting FaZe off the point and awarding LA Thieves a 2-1 series lead. Following two 3-0’s earlier in the day, fans were rewarded with a game five in this series as Atlanta FaZe picked up a 250-185 Tuscan Hardpoint win. While the Thieves were ahead at the halfway point, Atlanta FaZe pulled off the comeback with the whole roster going positive as they forced the game five. 

6-0 in the first SnD, 6-0 in the second. Atlanta FaZe went flawless in both Search and Destroys within this series, while Octane couldn’t manage a kill in either for the Thieves. This saw Octane go 0-12 across both SnD’s, and Atlanta FaZe win the series 3-2. 

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