Call of Duty League Major 4 Qualifiers – Week 1; Day 2 Recap

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Call of Duty League Major 4 Qualifiers – Week 1; Day 2 Recap

Here's a recap of the second day of Major 4 Qualifiers.

The Call of Duty League continued with its Major 4 Qualifiers as we start to get ever closer to the final Major of the year, hosted by the New York Subliners. With some shock wins and great performances yesterday, here’s a complete recap of all four of day two’s matches.

London Royal Ravens 3-1 Toronto Ultra

The London Royal Ravens looked great at the beginning of the year, and were even seen as a top four team. However, once Gismo left the roster for personal reasons, they instantly suffered. Gismo has returned, and while he didn't have an exceptional map one, Zer0 did. Zer0 went 33/15 in this Tuscan Hardpoint, breaking Toronto Ultra’s four game win streak and taking a 1-0 lead in the series.

The Ravens chained together two hardpoints in the mid part of the map, and then ran with this momentum eventually closing out map one 250-193.

Search and Destroy saw the lobby move to Desert Siege, and it went the distance with the London Royal Ravens picking up the map 6-5. Gismo well and truly made his return to the Call of Duty League with a 1v2 and an ace in the final round to close out the map and but the Royal Ravens 2-0 up in the series. Toronto Ultra weren't going down without a fight however as they brought themselves back into the series with a 3-1 Berlin Control victory.

This map was also extremely close, with it coming down to less than 10 seconds on the clock in the final round, however Toronto Ultra got the crucial kills and closed out the map. Cammy continued his great game here being the top performer in the lobby, putting up 36 kills and a 1.64 K/D.

Gismo brought the Royal Ravens back to winning ways in his first match back with the squad with a 250-185 Berlin Hardpoint win. Zer0 dominated this Hardpoint too with X kills, and it was the same story with London taking over around halfway through the map, and using this momentum to close it out.

New York Subliners 3-1 Los Angeles Guerrillas

The Los Angeles Guerrillas made a double change heading into Major 4. Unfortunately, they suffered a reverse sweep defeat in day one of the qualifiers to Toronto Ultra, but they went into this match with confidence. However, the New York Subliners took all of this confidence away with a dominant 250-104 map one victory on Gavutu Hardpoint. The entire NYSL roster worked together and held the hills perfectly to take a 1-0 lead in this series.

NYSL continued their excellent start in this series with a 6-5 victory on Desert Siege Search and Destroy. While it wasn't clean, the Subliners closed out the final round with Hydra holding an excellent spot to clutch up in the 1v1. The pressure got to NYSL however, with Crimsix almost killing his own teammate in the final round as he started to take shots at him crossing the bomb. 

A 3-0 sweep was denied by the Los Angeles Guerrillas with a fairly dominant 3-1 Berlin Control win. Spart went 33/26 in this map, giving him the most engagements in the lobby as he looked to get his LAG roster back into this game. The rounds were close, but the Guerrillas had the clutch factor needed to take the victory, and get themselves on the board.

It was almost a perfect repeat of map one with NYSL taking a 250-127 victory on Tuscan Hardpoint to close out the series. Yet again, the whole roster worked perfectly together with some excellent holds, seeing them close out the series 3-1.

Minnesota ROKKR 3-1 OpTic Texas

Map one in this series was one of the weirdest maps we've seen so far in Vanguard and maybe even the entire Call of Duty League. The map stayed tied throughout the end of the first and second rotations, with both teams keeping it extremely close. Being Bocage, this obviously saw the game clock come down extremely fast, eventually ending in a 208-195 victory for Minnesota ROKKR.

Attach really closed out the map for ROKKR, going on a 7 streak in the final moments allowing the team to rotate and hold spawns before they secured the map win.

Clutches were the name of the game for Minnesota ROKKR in map two of this series, where they took a 2-0 lead with a 6-5 Bocage Search and Destroy victory. Dashy went 12/6 on the side of OpTic, but it wasn't enough as ROKKR clutched up again and again to take a 2-0 lead in this series.

OpTic Texas got themselves back in the series with a 3-0 Tuscan Control victory. Dashy dominated like usual putting up a 1.71 K/D as OpTic made the series 2-1 and started a comeback.

Minnesota ROKKR closed out the series with a 250-236 Berlin Hardpoint however, clutching up when needed once again to take the map. While OpTic continually outrotated ROKKR, they read these rotations and cut them off, picking out players and breaking hills to win the series 3-1.

LA Thieves 3-0 Boston Breach

Boston Breach reverse swept OpTic Texas to kick off their Major 4 Qualifiers, so you can only think that they came into this match with some unbelievable confidence. Well, this was shutdown quickly by the LA Thieves as they took map one 250-195. Nero dominated Gavutu Harpoint yesterday, but suffered in this map one putting up a 0.53 K/D. On the opposite side, Kenny was on fire, dropping 36 kills with a 1.89 K/D.

The dominance continued as LA Thieves took a commanding 5-0 lead in the following Berlin Search and Destroy. While Boston Breach managed to stop the 6-0, they could only manage 2 rounds before the Thieves got their winner, putting them 2-0 up in the series.

The first 3-0 of the Major 4 Qualifiers was then closed out here, with LA Thieves dominating a 3-1 Gavutu Control. This saw LA Thieves take the series 3-0, and saw Kenny silence the critics with a 1.59 overall K/D.

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