Call of Duty League Major 4 Qualifiers – Week 1; Day 1 Recap

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Call of Duty League Major 4 Qualifiers – Week 1; Day 1 Recap

Here's a recap of the first day of Major 4 Qualifiers.

The Call of Duty League returns with Major 4 hosted by the New York Subliners. With five teams making roster changes heading into Major 4, we have no idea what to expect. Here’s a recap of the first day, from Week one of Major 4 Qualifiers.

New York Subliners 3-1 Florida Mutineers

The Florida Mutineers have been extremely inconsistent so far in the Call of Duty League, however they finally made a long awaited roster change as they brought in MajorManiak and 2Real, sending Davpadie to the bench as Vivid was traded to Boston Breach. MajorManiak and 2Real won the most recent Challengers Cup at Toronto Ultra Major 3, they proved their wealth and now find themselves in the CDL.

Map one in this series was incredible. The Florida Mutineers saw themselves almost 100 points up as they sat on 234 points, extremely close to closing out the map. However, PaulEhx heated up and matched the aggression of Hydra, seeing NYSL bring the game back and take the lead as they put themselves on 246 points. The calmness and leadership of new addition MajorManiak definitely came into play in the final seconds, as the Mutineers slowed it down and won their 1v1’s, winning the map 250-246.

The New York Subliners instantly bounced back with a 6-3 Desert Siege Search and Destroy victory to tie the series 1-1. The Mutineers have struggled in Search and Destroy all year, and look to rectify that with their new pickups. However, it seems as though they haven't had an instant impact as they continued to suffer. The resurgence in map one was led by PaulEhx and Hydra. This duo took the respawn momentum into the map three Control and completely dominated, both earning streaks and finishing the map with 37 and 36 kills respectively. NYSL clutched up multiple times to secure defence for the final round, and utilised their steaks perfectly to close out the map.

NYSL started the series slow, however they closed it out with a dominant 250-151 Berlin Hardpoint victory. Yet again, PaulEhx and Hydra were the main slayers with 23 and 28 kills respectively as the New York Subliners took the series 3-1.

Boston Breach 3-2 OpTic Texas

OpTic Texas began the series slowly as Boston Breach took a commanding lead on the Gavutu Hardpoint. However, halfway through the map OpTic Texas picked it up with Scump and Dashy both earning full streaks to close out a 250-220 victory. The new addition to Boston Breach, Vivid, performed extremely well in map one putting up 29 kills, however his SMG counterpart Nero dropped a massive 33, but it wasn't enough for a win.

Map two went the distance as both teams picked up defensive and offensive rounds on Bocage Search and Destroy. However, after a long map full of clutches it finally came down to a 1v1 where Prolute came out on top, closing out a brilliant map from him with a 1.71 K/D. What followed the Search and Destroy was a 9 minute Tuscan Control, one of the fastest this season. Boston Breach played a bit unorthodox here, possibly throwing off OpTic Texas and this worked, resulting in a 3-0 victory. TJHaly had been impressive so far in this series, but this map's 21 kills saw him continue this good form.

Boston Breach took all the momentum they possibly could form this map three into map four, as the new SMG duo of Nero and Vivid took over on Bocage Hardpoint, starting the map with a 120-5 lead. While OpTic began to make a comeback, it was too much of a task for Texas as Boston closed it out 250-193 with Nero putting up 49 kills and an unreal 5500 damage to force a map five.

The series was closed out by Boston Breach with a 6-3 Berlin Search and Destroy that saw them complete the reverse sweep. It appeared that all communication and strategy was taken from OpTic following the map three, and Boston continued to dominated through maps four and five. Vivid had an exceptional debut going even overall, and getting vital multi kills in the respawns. However, Nero was the MVP of the match with a 1.39 K/D in the respawns. 

Toronto Ultra 3-2 Los Angeles Guerrillas

Los Angeles Guerrillas are another roster that made changes heading into Major 4, bringing in substitute Spart and picking up Neptune. While many fans were worried about this change, the Guerrillas started the series strong with a 250-174 Gavutu Hardpoint victory. Huke picked up the AR in this map and dominated, putting up a 1.73 K/D alongside fellow AR Slasher dropping a 1.64. 

LAG continued to perform in the Desert Siege Search and Destroy for map two, picking up a 6-4 win. The whole Los Angeles Guerrillas squad looked great, however it was Spart who showed up with a 1v2, and a no scope in the final round to close out the victory. This saw LAG go 2-0 up in the series, and get ever closer to that sweep. 

While they suffered two dominant map defeats, Toronto Ultra bounced back with a map three victory on Berlin. Insight led the way for Toronto Ultra, putting up 27 kills and a 1.42 K/D to stop the sweep and keep themselves in the series. Map four was the closest of the series as Toronto Ultra took a 250-237 victory, tying the series 2-2 and securing a map five. Multiple players went on streaks in this map, with Bance and Insight earning them on the side of Ultra, while Spart picked up full streaks for the Guerrillas. Streaks were used, but Toronto positioned themselves well to avoid any multi kills as they closed out the map. 

The second reverse sweep of the night was completed following a 6-3 Berlin Search and Destroy win by Toronto Ultra. Bance led the way with 11 kills and a 2.20 K/D, however this was a lucky win for Ultra overall. Throughout the series, LAG outslayed Toronto by 25 kills, and it took a clutch in the map four to close out the win.

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