Call of Duty League Introduce New Broadcast Delay Procedure

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Call of Duty League Introduce New Broadcast Delay Procedure

It seems Octane’s Twitter outcry has worked, the CDL has officially announced a new broadcast delay procedure.

After some angry responses on twitter from various professional Call of Duty League players, especially Octane. The Call of Duty League have announced their new broadcast delay procedure.

Official statement from CDL

In a statement released on Saturday June 13th, the CDL had this to say.

During Friday’s match in the Minnesota Røkkr Home Series between the Seattle Surge and Atlanta FaZe, the broadcast system crashed, resulting in a delay of 45 minutes between the finish of Game 2 and the start of Game 3.

Moving forward, we will be instituting a new “15+5” procedure that will cap the maximum delay at 20 minutes for any broadcast-related issue.

If there is a broadcast issue during a match and it isn’t resolved within 15 minutes, gameplay will resume with either a degraded broadcast or no broadcast at all.

Prior to hitting the 15-minute mark, if the Competition Operations group is informed by the Broadcast group that there may be an achievable solution to the issue within another 5 minutes, then an additional 5-minute buffer will be added. If broadcast issues are not resolved within the total 20-minute time frame, gameplay will resume with either a degraded broadcast or no broadcast at all.

This procedure is subject to change.

In the event a match proceeds without a live broadcast, the league will make every effort to continue to record gameplay and publish the match afterwards on the Call of Duty League YouTube channel and website.

What does this mean going forward?

This is a big step with the professionalism of the Call of Duty League. This now means that there will be no longer than a 20 minute delay within a game before it is started again. Whether that be with a stream or not, the players will be competing. The biggest problem with Friday's situation was the lack of communication and the length of the tech reset. This new broadcast delay procedure means that the viewers know what is happening and will know when to expect the stream to return. While this has been announced as the 15+5 procedure, it was previously going to be 30 minutes. The announcement article was uploaded saying a 30 minute time frame before swiftly being deleted and replaced with the 15+5 rule.

The Call of Duty League continues tonight with Atlanta FaZe vs Los Angeles Guerrillas and Dallas Empire vs Florida Mutineers. Don't miss it!

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