Call of Duty League: Atlanta Faze Continue To Dominate, Defeating New York Subliners 3 – 1

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Call of Duty League: Atlanta Faze Continue To Dominate, Defeating New York Subliners 3 – 1

The Atlanta Faze took an early lead against the New York Subliners, with Simp and Priestahh using all their might in a strong offensive hold of Hardpoint. Atlanta ended up winning the match with a 250 – 211 lead over New York. This set the match at 1 – 0.

Round two was simply an easy sweep for the Atlanta Faze. There was not a single moment where the Subliners had an advantage over the Faze, and in six quick rounds of Search and Destroy, Atlanta really started to kick it up a notch by sweeping their rivals, 6 – 0.

New York came out strong in the third round of Modern Warfare, with a heated game of Domination. Atlanta was struggling early on, and continued to against New York’s strong offensive line. In a surprise change of pace, the Subliners took the win right away from Atlanta, breaking the cycle of back to back sweeps that the day had displayed.

With Atlanta still leading the series, the fourth round of the match was a kill-savvy round of Hardpoint. Atlanta had a 110 point lead against New York at one point, and for the rest of the round, absolutely continued to dominate anything that got in their way. Each time there was an opportunity for New York to climb in points, they failed to step up, just barely breaking the hundred point lead Atlanta held over them.

Atlanta won the series, 3 – 1.

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