CDL 2022 Champs – Day 3 Recap and Exclusive Interviews

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CDL 2022 Champs – Day 3 Recap and Exclusive Interviews

Here’s everything from day three of CDL 2022 Champs.

The Call of Duty League continued their 2022 Championship Weekend with day three, featuring five incredible matches. Here’s a recap of every match, with some exclusive comments from the players.

Seattle Surge 3-1 Toronto Ultra

Seattle Surge have been an excellent Tuscan Hardpoint team recently. While it always goes the distance, Surge continue to close it out. This is mainly down to Pred, who always loves the p5 to p1 rotation, and goes big for his team almost every single time. Pred’s dominance is scary for the rest of the Call of Duty League. He dropped 40 kills in this Tuscan Hardpoint map one, with a 1.74 K/D just to sweeten the 250-238 scoreline.

Surge continued to dominate in map two as they took a 2-0 lead in the series through a 6-3 Bocage Search and Destroy victory. Pred topped the leaderboard once again, dropping 10 kills and a 2.40 K/D as Seattle Surge started to run away with the series. However, Toronto Ultra can always be relied on to take at least a map in every series, and they did this in map three. This Berlin Control saw CleanX pop off for the Ultra as the SMG duo of CleanX and Bance put up a 1.30 and 1.44 K/D respectively in a 3-1 win.

Map four however began as an absolute blowout from Seattle Surge. Toronto Ultra made a slow and steady comeback, but Surge clutched up at the end when needed to close out the series in a 250-205 victory. Surge continue to be an incredible Hardpoint team, and this Berlin was no exception. So far at Champs, Seattle Surge have only played Tuscan and Berlin Hardpoint, they chose to take on their opponents on these two maps again, and as always, they came out on top. When asked about the p5 to p1 rotation, Accuracy told ESTNN, “We know that's the most important part of the game, so we work on that rotation and it works.”

OpTic Texas 3-0 New York Subliners

OpTic Texas head into this match needing a win. Since Major 1, OpTic’s 2022 season has only gone downhill. To bring their season back to the top, OpTic have to win Champs. They started this series in the right way, taking a 250-237 Tuscan Hardpoint victory in one of the closest maps we've seen all weekend. The King, Scump, was a major point in this victory as he topped the leaderboard with 34 kills. Map Two wasn't close at all. OpTic dominated Tuscan Search and Destroy in a 6-2 victory, going 2-0 up in the series and ever closer to the sweep. OpTic made much smarter plays in this map opposed to last night, which worked in their favour as they took a commanding lead and look much improved over yesterday's match.

Following a two hour delay, OpTic finally closed out the series in a map three Gavutu Control. OpTic advance through the losers bracket, and move on to play either Atlanta FaZe or LA Thieves.

LA Thieves 3-1 Atlanta FaZe

Atlanta FaZe have possibly been the best team throughout the whole 2022 Call of Duty League season. Cellium has been dominant, and without a doubt deserved the regular season MVP award. While he continually drops 1.30 K/D’s in every series, he went the extra mile in map one of this series, putting up 31 kills and a monsterous 1.94 K/D in this 250-209 Tuscan Hardpoint victory. 

The LA Thieves came back with a massive Tuscan Search and Destroy victory, taking down Atlanta FaZe 6-4. This was an incredible victory, and saw the Thieves tie the series. LA Thieves then extended their lead to 2-1 following a massive 3-0 Berlin Control win. Kenny was dominant here, and they moved on to a Berlin Hardpoint where they looked primed to close out the series. The Thieves were unstoppable in the following Berlin Hardpoint, with Kenny dropping an unbelievable 2.14 K/D, “I didnt even realise he [Kenny] was frying that much, but it explains why the map was so easy”, Envoy told ESTNN in the post match press conference.

Seattle Surge 3-1 OpTic Texas

Seattle Surge and Tuscan Hardpoint has been a match made in heaven throughout the 2022 season. This was no different for map one in this series, with Surge completely dominating OpTic Texas, defeating them 250-140. While it’s usually Pred dominating, this time it was Accuracy who topped the leaderboard for Surge, dropping a 1.47 K/D in map one. 

Map two went the way of OpTic Texas, with iLLeY topping the scoreboard in this 6-2 Bocage Hardpoint win. iLLeY’s 10 kills saw him drop a 3.33 K/D as OpTic tied the series, and moved on to Tuscan Control. This map three came down to the wire, and while Dashy was the top slayer in the lobby, it was Seattle Surge who eventually came out on top. Dashy and Scump lined up for Pred to pull off the 1v2 in the final round, taking the map 3-2 and putting themselves 2-1 up in the series.

Surge finally closed out the series 3-1 in a 250-220 Berlin Hardpoint. This was a very close match, with Mack dominating the final two hills allowing Seattle to take over the map, and keep OpTic away from the final points. Surge advance to Losers Finals, and OpTic Texas are sent home from Champs.

Atlanta FaZe 3-1 Seattle Surge

Seattle Surge have historically had the upper hand over rivals Atlanta FaZe. With multiple victories over them on LAN, Seattle Surge could head into this match with confidence. While Atlanta FaZe won their match yesterday, Seattle Surge are coming off a hot victory over OpTic Texas just minutes before this match.

Map one went the way everyone expected. Teams have avoided playing Seattle Surge on Bocage for a reason. Surge came out on top with a 250-150 win, a dominant and composed display on Bocage. Surprisingly, it was the calculated AR of Accuracy who topped the leaderboard with his 1.52 K/D. 

However, the tides of the series turned when Atlanta FaZe dominated the Search and Destroy. A 6-1 Tuscan SnD saw FaZe tie the series, and move on to another Tuscan for control. FaZe went 2-0 down, and it looked over for them, but they pulled off the impossible, and came back to win the map. This was mainly down to a top tier display of quality from Cellium, putting up 33 kills and a 1.74 K/D, something that is no longer a surprise from the regular season MVP.

FaZe went on to finish the series 3-1 with a 250-190 Tuscan Hardpoint, a map they’ve struggled on against Seattle Surge previously. “We finally got that p1 rotation down” aBeZy told ESTNN, “that's what held us back in every other series, but we managed to get it done today.”

FaZe move on to the Grand Final, facing the LA Thieves in a rematch from today's earlier match.

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