Call of Duty League 2021 Preseason Power Rankings

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Call of Duty League 2021 Preseason Power Rankings

With a new season come new Power Rankings, let's take a look at where we place each team ahead of the first event.

With the 2021 Call of Duty League season starting on February 11th, we don't have long to wait. However, we’ve seen all the teams compete in the Kickoff Classic, so here's our Preseason Power Rankings.

12. Seattle Surge

A close up shot of Sam “Octane” Larew during a live CDL match

Seattle Surge took to the season with the same foundations in Octane, but added three new players to the roster. Their 3-2 loss to the Los Angeles Guerrillas may mean trouble for the Surge this season. On Paper, Seattle could be a T8 team with the talent they have, but something wasn't right at the Kickoff Classic.

11. Los Angeles Guerrillas

Bryan "Apathy" Zhelyazkov faces the camera in his gaming chair wearing a white hoodie

The Los Angeles Guerrillas team featured three of the previous four 4v4 World Champions. While the game has changed a lot since then, these players have the calibre to win matches. With Vivid also on the roster, they have the young and hungry talent to perform and keep up with the faster Subs.

In the Kickoff Classic, Apathy was a key player. If he performs like that all season and the rest step up a bit, the Guerrillas could be a dark horse team.

10. Paris Legion

Matthew "Skrapz" Marshall during his time with the London Royal Ravens

The Paris Legion seems to be a squad that was put together last minute. While you wouldn't expect these players to teams, and as Skrapz said in his post match interview, most of them have never spoken to each other before. It somehow might work.

They put out a strong performance against the London Royal Ravens at the Kickoff Classic. While Zer0 was playing from the UK, Skrapz also didn’t play like his usual self against his old team, so we’ll need more time to really judge where Paris are in the League.

9. New York Subliners

Tommy “ZooMaa” Papparato will no longer play with the New York Subliners

The absence of ZooMaa could be a big issue for the Subliners this year. While rookie Diamondcon impressed in the Kickoff Classic, we’ll need more time to watch the Subliners evolve as a team.

With the addition of Asim, this roster has the chance to do big things this year. However with little practice, these could be a team to look out for later in the season.

8. London Royal Ravens

Christopher "Parasite" Duarte concentrates on his screen during a match

With Zer0 stuck in the UK, it appears that the London Royal Ravens will be picking up 2013 World Champion, Parasite. While he is known for struggling to fit in with teams, he has the talent to play in the Pro League. He has kept up in scrims recently, and could be a key factor in the Royal Ravens season.

London struggled in their game five against Paris at the Kickoff Classic, but with Zer0 in the UK for that match, we cant jump to conclusions just yet.

7. Toronto Ultra

Ben "Bance" Bance at the PC during a live game of CDL

Toronto Ultra seems to be in the same spot as last year. With the same roster, they're still underrated, and a team to look out for. While we dont expect them to win championships, they’re a team with upset potential, who can't be looked over.

If Bance continues his form from the Kickoff Classic, Toronto could be a dark horse team this season.

6. Los Angeles Thieves

New team LA Thieves make their debut in the league

The LA Thieves are a new team joining the Call of Duty League this year. Their first match against OpTic Chicago was always going to be incredibly tough, but OpTic’s dominating victory could spell trouble.

While we don't expect the Thieves to fall to the bottom of the pack, that performance could see them as more of a T6 team rather than one challenging for championships. However, with the talent they've got, we would be surprised at all if we see them at the top during the season.

5. Minnesota Rokkr

The new line up for the Rokkr is looking strong

This new look Minnesota Rokkr team has potential to be one of the best in the League. While the players may not look like the best fit on first glance, they seem to work well together, and put out a strong showing against Toronto at the Kickoff Classic.

MajorManik excelled in Search and Destroy, and could be a key figure for Rokkr’s success in 2021.

4. Florida Mutineers

Cesar "Skyz" Bueno walks through the crowd at a live event

The Flordia Mutineers pulled off an upset against Atlanta FaZe at the Kickoff Classic. While some fans may have underestimated them ahead of this season, they’ve proven any doubters wrong already.

Neptune proved his worth in the League, and that he can keep up with the pros. Florida are definitely a team that are on the cusp of championships this year, and will take advantage if any of the top 3 slip up.

3. Atlanta FaZe

Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr concetrates on the game during a live match

Following their defeat to the Florida Mutineers, Atlanta FaZe seem to be a bit behind the top 2. While they are an extremely talented team, they seemed unorganised in Hardpoint, and made the same mistakes as they did last year.

However, we can't look too much into the Kickoff Classic, and we’ll see the real potential of FaZe at their own Home Series on Feb 11th.

2. OpTic Chicago

Matthew "FormaL" Piper makes a call to his team mates over voice during a live game

OpTic Chicago are looking to be Dallas Empire’s main challengers for the 2021 season. The addition of Dashy has worked, and Texas Formal is looking like a different breed. T2P is back in full force as Scump and Formal excelled, while all OpTic players put up a 1.2 K/D or more in their match against the Thieves.

OpTic fans should be excited for this year, we can see them winning championships.

1. Dallas Empire

Ian "C6" Porter talks with a teammate ahead of a live match

Dallas Empire performed once again, and haven’t slowed down from their Championship victory. We expect Huke to be a main factor in their results this year. As one of the most underrated players in the league, Huke is exceptionally good at this game, and will look to show his true skill this year.

The 2021 Call of Duty League season kicks off on February 22th with the Atlanta FaZe Home Series, and the start of Stage 1. With five Stages throughout the year, we’re in for lots of competitive Call of Duty action, so get ready!

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