CoD: How To Watch Florida Mutineers’ Plunder In The Sky Charity Invitational

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CoD: How To Watch Florida Mutineers’ Plunder In The Sky Charity Invitational

Tonight the Florida Mutineers will be hosting Plunder in the Sky, a brand new Warzone tournament with a “never before seen broadcast experience”.

Call of Duty: Warzone has been one of the most viewed games on Twitch since its release — and we’ve seen plenty of tournaments. Tonight we see yet another. However this one is for charity and features a “never before seen broadcast experience”. Here’s everything you need to know about Plunder in the Sky.

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Plunder in the Sky will see teams participate in the Plunder gamemode. In this gamemode the aim is to collect as much cash as possible, teams will play three Plunder games with in-game challenges throughout. The brand new broadcast experience will see in-game correspondents follow the action throughout, and offer up the challenges.


  • Nateson, Dandryad, Samito, Sceptic
  • Matt Heafy, Alex Bent, Paolo Gregoletto, Corey Beaulieu
  • Nickool, OeakleyBoiii, PickNickBasket, DadbodGaming
  • Tommey, Zlaner, Aydan, MuTeX
  • Leland, Dylan, Ben, Desmond
  • Younggun, Chainbrain, Spoonerism, Joebad
  • Stonemointain, Spartakus, MugsTV, Soltek
  • Kalei Renay, Tglnt, Fluriden, MooseyTV
  • LEGIQN, Adiofreak, Goodgamebro, FabTV
  • Skyz, King Prodigy, Jump, Strafe
  • Ariel Jade, Ericcg, Superverycoolguyy, Lordcuddlebear
  • IcemanIssac, Exzachtt, WarsZ, Rallied
  • Justmoonbeam, Bigchessekit, Ladyxrenegade, Cookie
  • Ahman Green, JBIC, Killjoy, Toy Cannon
  • Blaise Matuidi, Destroy_215, Med1cine, Clutchbelk
  • Northernlion, Michael Al Fox, Dangheesling, The_Happy_Hob



The tournament kicks off tonight at 4PM ET and will likely last a few hours. You can watch on the Florida Mutineers Twitch Channel where the steam will be casted by Merk and Maven.

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