Call of Duty: How to Unlock the Kali Sticks

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Call of Duty: How to Unlock the Kali Sticks

With the release of Season 4, several new weapons were added to the game, here’s how to unlock the Kali Sticks Melee weapon.

The Kali Sticks are a melee weapon which can be unlocked in Multiplayer and Warzone. To Unlock this melee weapon you must get 3 kills in 15 games with the combat knife. While sliding.

This makes it the first time three weapons have been available at the start of a Modern Warfare season. Including the Fennec (Vector) SMG and CR-56 AMAX (Galil) AR.

An in game screenshot of the loadout screen in Warzone showing the Kali Sticks equipped as the secondary melee weapon.

The Kali Sticks can be used as a combat knife replacement, however, they take two hits to kill. As seen in this clip from YouTuber Prestigeiskey two hits are needed to kill an enemy in regular multiplayer.

This clip was made on the new ground war map Promenade which features the area from the Verdansk Warzone map.

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