Call Of Duty Esports Adds 5v5 Format For Black Ops 4

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Call Of Duty Esports Adds 5v5 Format For Black Ops 4

2018 has been quite the year for CoD. A year filled with drama, shattered dreams, and great new prospects. As the release of Black Ops 4 nears, Activision, Treyarch, and the CWL executives have taken the competitive scene by storm by recently declaring that the next season of competitive call of duty will be pitting 5 man teams against each-other instead of the traditional 4-man format. Opinions have been mixed from both fans and Pros as they took to Twitter and Reddit to voice their views.

World Champion ACHES vehemently opposed the change, he stated:

“Will be absolutely baffled if it does. Such a disrespectful move tbh. Puts everyone in a sh***y situation + have to create a team based on an entirely new dynamic, stretches budgets and players make less. Orgs with $$ will be able to afford 5 superstars, AM scene can’t compete.”

He further went on to state that he would have been okay with the change given he and all concerned organizations were informed at least a year prior to the change so they could adjust their structure. Considering the fact that the change was, in fact, a sudden one. Aches' argument holds solid ground.

Optic’s Crimsix was also asked on a Blackout stream about his views pertaining to this change, he went on to state that it’s a justified change considering if public games are 6v6 and professional ones are 4v4, it creates an unneeded divide and obvious gameplay and planning difference. He stated that if pubs were 5v5 then there is no reason pros shouldn’t also play 5v5.
There are also those who question the validity of the change, they wait for Activision to post an official 2019 season schedule, whatever the case, this announcement brings about a complete gameplay shift in CoD never before seen.

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