Call of Duty: Dallas Empire Defeat London Royal Ravens at Home, 3-2

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Call of Duty: Dallas Empire Defeat London Royal Ravens at Home, 3-2

The Dallas Empire defeated the home team Royal Ravens in a close five-game series.

Round 1

iLLeY snagged the first blood in the starter round of Hardpoint, with the Dallas Empire leading the London Royal Ravens by twenty points early in the game. Wuskin charged through with a steady aim of machine-gun fire, mopping the floor with a 10/4 kill death ratio. The game was the closest one yet, with an insane amount of back and forth bloodshed. Rated racked up a five person multi-kill, keeping the Ravens with a steady thirty point lead as the Empire charged towards the bridge to reassemble their waning offensive strategy. Wuskin and Skrapz were like the early 2000’s Shaq and Kobe, obliterating any Dallas competition in the midst of their weapons… which why they took the first round, moving forward with a crowd-savvy swagger, 1 – 0.

Round 2

The second round was a grim battle of Search and Destroy, with London taking the first win so fast, it was almost as if it never even happened. Dallas, usually known for their strong S ‘n’ D work, were slightly off kilter at the start, but locked down the second round thanks to Huke and iLLeY’s constant on-the-move attack. With Skrapz in a heated match of 1 v 2, Dallas Empire took him down after trying to dodge dual machine gun fire… and the next round the Empire continued to make it look easy, even without a whole amount of map control, giving Dallas a 3 – 1 advantage.

Once both teams switched sides, the game was 3 – 4, with Dallas still in the lead. Yet in no time at all, mostly due in part to Wuskin and Dylan’s combined effort of absolute destruction, shot the competition down in the next two rounds, making it a 5 – 5 tied game. Round eleventh was a blur, with Rated, aka “the guardian angel” of the London Royal Ravens, sweeping ahead with a clean victory, moving forward with a 2 – 0 win.

Round 3

The crowd was loud and the fans were rowdy as their screams and shouts blasted off the London Copper Arena walls. With the points for both teams equal at 36 – 36, the feeling of anger was noticeable… with a side of raging murder between London and Dallas right at the start. There was a ten-point distance between the Royal Ravens and Dallas for most of the match, with Huke racking up multi-kills and making it look almost too easy. The lead excelled even further, with the Empire taking a more than thirty point lead during the bloodbath in the middle of the Warehouse. Four minutes left on the clock. Ravens looking for neutralization on Point A. Dallas secured Point B and Shotzzy scored back to back multi-kills… and the Dallas Empire picked up their first round win, making the semifinal score, 2 – 1.

Round 4

After a few quick issues of technical difficulty, the fourth round took place with a game of Hardpoint. The Dallas Empire contained the lead for most of the match, with London keeping a grenade-tossing offensive strategy to try and balance out their early defensive struggles. The lead changed in the middle of the Warehouse, with London taking away first place for only a few seconds. The Empire was looking to set up early, and it was easy to see the fear in some of the Royal Raven players’ eyes as Dallas took a more than fifty point lead… and continued to dominate, wrecking the London Royal Ravens, 250 – 195.

Round 5

The final round took place at Piccadilly, with Dallas in high hopes for a reverse sweep over London, as Search and Destroy kicked off with intensity. The first round was a quick one, going to the Dallas Empire for their sheer offensive force. Clayster already had five kills in the second round, and with only one person left on the field, Dallas won the second round with a terrific sniper kill. However, Rated and Wuskin refused to back down in the third round. They mowed down any sign of Dallas defense without hesitation. The next round was just as fast, as the Royal Ravens won once again to tie the game up at 2 – 2.

Snipers were the name of the game on the field at Piccadilly, and the Dallas Empire knew exactly how to use them, winning the round. Ravens tried hard, throwing grenades every which way but loose, looking for an offensive plan worthy of Wuskin’s strong sniper work. The match was tense, now tied at 3 – 3 a piece, with London slowing down and strength. Dallas took advantage of the scrappy and sloppy London offensive, winning the seventh round with primo esports gusto.

First blood went to the Royal Ravens. They ended up taking the win right from under the Dallas Empire’s footing, once again tying the match (this time at 4 – 4). Jurd was the last player left alive after, and as Dallas scored that final kill, the tension, anger, and support of the London Royal Ravens crowd was excruciatingly powerful… as Dylan was the final player left to be shot on the spot. London went down swinging and the crowd was as loud as possible in support of their home team. But the Dallas Empire won the semifinal round, 3 – 2.

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