Call of Duty: Dallas Empire Clean the Boards with Seattle Surge, Securing A 3 – 0 Sweep

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Call of Duty: Dallas Empire Clean the Boards with Seattle Surge, Securing A 3 – 0 Sweep

An outstanding performance from the Dallas Empire, taking their matches against the Seattle Surge in a clean sweep.

The first round of the match between the Dallas Empire and the Seattle Surge took place at the Gunrunner map,  with a good old fashioned Hardpoint matchup. The first kill went to Dallas, with the next nine going directly in their favor as well. In a flash, the Empire were beating the Surge by more than forty points, with things looking great for Dallas on both the offensive and defensive fronts. However, with steadfast lane power, Seattle shot back into the game later on, making it a ten point difference… and twenty seconds left on the half switch, Seattle secured the lead for the first time in the game.

Dallas continued to hold the line, quickly taking the lead back within a matter of seconds. Shotzzy was a force to be reckoned with this round, but Karma and Apathy on the double team offense took Seattle to the cleaners, winning the first round 250-225.

Search and Destroy steamroll

Search and Destroy was the name of the game in the second round; with COD League commentators projecting that Dallas would “steamroll” their competition. However, Seattle won the first round, with the highlight of the match coming down to a 1 v 1 take away. This is where the game really starting picking up, with Apathy slaughtering the competition quickly, helping ensure another round victory for the Surge. In the third and fourth rounds, time flew by, with Dallas finally finding their footing and doubling up their offensive to tie the match at 2 – 2. Teams switched sides, and Seattle secured another win to break away the prior tying round. C6 got the first round kill, but it was Seattle’s Apathy, scoring a triple kill against the Empire was a sight to behold, quickly turning the round in Seattle’s favor.

Solid teamwork from Dallas kept them going, with Shotzzy and iLLeY helping to bring the game back to an even tie in the eleventh round. Dallas hounded down Seattle in the final S ‘n’ D round. Taking the win and making it a 2 – 0 series lead over the competition.

Dallas claim victory

The third round, a game of Domination, was a great start for the Dallas Empire, shooting ahead with a more than thirty point lead early on. Dallas kept rotating between a solid defense and offense. But it was due to the strength and agility of Huke who was running circles around Point B that secured yet another win for the Empire. In time, Seattle bounced back, making the game only a ten point difference, but Huke’s consistent ability to stay thriving gave Dallas another round win, and an overall sweeping success against the Seattle Surge. The Fuel won 3 – 0.

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