Call of Duty: CWL Championship Day One Recap

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Call of Duty: CWL Championship Day One Recap

The first day of the CWL Championship is over, and ESTNN has all the results viewers need.

Day One of the CWL Championship has drawn to a close. There were some upsets and some not so surprising results that dictate what will take place on Day Two. Although most of the professional teams saw early success, it was the amateur teams that stole the headlines. An unspoken storyline heading into the CWL Championship was the ability for these amateur teams to shine. Anything can happen in competitive Call of Duty, and this is evident in what played out over the first day of pool play.

CWL Championship Day One Pool Play Recap

Pool A

CWL EunitedAs expected, eUnited did what they had to coming off of their win at the CWL Pro League Playoffs. They achieved a perfect 2-0 record, only dropping one map to RBL Esports. eU have locked up their spot in the Knockout Stage, whereas Celtic FC Esports and Elevate are still competing for the final qualifying position. As it stands, Celtic FC and Elevate have respective map counts of 3-4 and 4-4. The final day of pool play will decide which of these two teams will advance to the next round. The amateur team, RBL Esports, exits the CWL Championship with a 0-2 record and a 2-6 map count.

Pool B

GenG CWLIn the most unexpected end result, the number two seed Gen.G’s run has come to an end at the CWL Championship. The Gen.G squad met some early adversity at the hands of an amateur team, Fuego Gaming. It was a close match, but Fuego ultimately pulled the upset winning taking the series 3-2 over Gen.G. The wheels then promptly came off for Gen.G as they were subsequently swept by the other amateur team, Team WaR. Enigma6 has already qualified for the Knockout Stage, dropping only one map en route to a 6-1 map count. E6 handily won both of their series against Fuego and WaR. The two previously mentioned are now battling for a chance to compete in the next round.


Pool C

CWL FaZeThis pool provided the expected results prior to the commencement of the CWL Championship. FaZe Clan won both of their series while amassing a 6-2 map count. The European team, Units, achieved the exact same result. The two amateur teams in this pool, Mazer Gaming and Animosity eSports, ultimately fell below the wayside.

Pool D

CWL EnvyTeam Envy turned heads in day one of pool play with their performance. The boys in blue defeated both Team Reciprocity and Sage Esports in tightly contested series. Both matches went to a game five Search and Destroy where Envy got the job done. The game five SND had previously plagued Envy as stated by ACHES on Hot Mic prior to the event. With respective map counts of 5-3, Sage and Reciprocity are now competing against one another to decide who will play in the Knockout Stage. Amateur team LGND Status is out of the equation after a 0-2 start.

Pool E

CWL LuminosityFor a pool that heavily favored Luminosity Gaming, they simply did not show up on day one. Their first and only match saw them squaring off against the amateurs, Team Singularity. The result was a complete 3-0 romping in favor of Singularity. LG is now on their heels in a precarious position as Day Two will dictate their tournament life. UYU showed up nicely with a 3-0 sweep of Vanity. Both UYU and Team Singularity are likely to advance to the Knockout Stage as each has 1-0 series counts and 3-0 map counts.

Pool F

CWL 100 ThievesSimilar to the result in Pool C, both the professional teams came out swinging in this Pool F. 100 Thieves and Midnight Esports delivered dominating performances over the two amateur teams. FURY Gaming and Sicario Gaming will need to bounce back if they hope to qualify out of pools. 100T and Midnight are in favorable positions to make the cut heading into the final day of pool play.

Pool G

CWL OPTICThe heavy-hitting Pool G features the last two championship-winning organizations. Fan-favorite OpTic Gaming began their day with a 3-1 victory over TrainHard Esport. Evil Geniuses completed a sweep of Carnage Gaming in their first match. Both EG and OpTic need to keep pushing forward as neither team has yet to lock up a spot in the Knockout Stage. There are still plenty of games that will play out during Day Two of the CWL Championship.

Pool H

CWL SplyceThis pool yielded expected results with both Splyce and Team Heretics earning victories over Aspite Esports and Hybrid Gaming, respectively. The two professional teams achieved perfect 3-0 map counts, setting them up nicely for day two where they will continue their journey through pool play.

The CWL Championship has already provided exactly what Call of Duty fans keep coming back for. We have seen upsets and absolutely dominant performances. The competition is young and there is still plenty of time to see exactly how the Knockout Stage will shake out. Stay tuned to ESTNN as we provide extensive coverage of the CWL Championship.

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