Call of Duty: CWL Championship Day 2 Recap

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Call of Duty: CWL Championship Day 2 Recap

The Knockout Stage at the CWL Championship is now official. With notable upsets of Gen.G, UYU and Midnight Esports, we will see some amateur teams competing against professional teams in bracket play. All in all, pool play provided three victorious amateur teams in their respective pool. With the bracket set, we will see exactly how the results from pool play will dictate the remainder of the CWL Championship.

Pool A

Call of duty world championship CWL 2019 eUnited roster day 2 clayster simp arcitys prestinni abezy

eUnited strolled into pool play without a care in the world. They made easy work of the competitors in their pool whilst amassing a 9-2 map count overall. eUnited did not drop a single series and will move on to bracket play. The same cannot be said for Celtic FC Esports, who just could not get in any sort of rhythm. It was Elevate that ultimately advanced to bracket play with an underwhelming 1-2 series count. They managed a 5-7 match record and qualified because of their head-to-head map count against RBL Esports. Elevate and eUnited are the two teams advancing out of Pool A.

Pool B

Call of duty world championship CWL 2019 enigma6 roster general mayhem breszy kismet godrx

Enigma6 made easy work of their pool dropping only one game out of ten. E6 completed a sweep of their pool, which included a 3-0 romping of Gen.G. Joining E6 in bracket play are the amateurs, Team WaR. After being swept by E6, Team WaR rebounded nicely with two sweeps of their own over Fuego Gaming and Gen.G. Not many predicted Gen.G’s early exit, but it shows how serious the competition is. The surprising result of Pool B advances Enigma6 and Team WaR as they move on to day three of the CWL Championship.

Pool C

Call of duty world championship CWL 2019 Faze roster aoomaa cellium asim skrapz zer0

FaZe and Units safely made it out of their pool without much issue. Both professional teams defeated the amateurs with much of a sweat. FaZe coasted to bracket play with a 9-2 map count and a perfect 3-0 series count. They easily dispatched of Units giving them the complete upper-hand in Pool C. The two amateur teams proved unsuccessful against the more experienced professionals. FaZe and Units successfully secured a spot in bracket play.

Pool D

Call of duty world championship CWL 2019 aches gunless decemate silly assault

As in Pool C, professional teams Envy and Reciprocity got the job done against the inferior amateurs. Envy went to a game five in every series played and managed to clutch up when it mattered. ACHES and company are safely through the first round with a 3-0 series count and a 9-6 map count. Reciprocity also achieved its goal as a professional team in Pool D. Losing only to Envy by one game, Reciprocity advanced onto day three with a 2-1 series count and an 8-3 map count.

Pool E

Call of duty world championship CWL 2019 team singularity logo

Team Singularity provided a significant surprise in pool play at the CWL Championship. They began their journey through Pool E with a dominant 3-0 victory over favorites Luminosity Gaming. Singularity went on to 3-0 Vanity and then narrowly defeat UYU with a 3-2 victory. LG bounced back in spectacular fashion during play on day two. Luminosity defeated UYU with a score of 3-2 and dominated Vanity 3-0. It was a clutch round eleven play by LG player Skyz, which would ultimately be the most important factor in their advancement. Luminosity Gaming and amateurs Team Singularity will participate in bracket play.

Pool F

Call of duty world championship CWL 2019 100thieves roster slasher octane kenny priestah enable

Two-time major champions, 100 Thieves, further displayed their dominance in days one and two of the CWL Championship. They dropped just two games en route to a 9-2 map count. 100T convincingly defeated FURY Gaming, Midnight Esports and Sicario Gaming to earn a bracket play position. It was Sicario Gaming that shocked the world by grabbing the second qualifying spot. Sicario Gaming’s highlight was a 3-2 victory over Midnight Esports. The amateurs of Sicario took Midnight to a game five Search and Destroy where they played a near-perfect game-clinching round. The two teams representing Pool F in the Knockout Stage are 100 Thieves and Sicario Gaming.

Pool G

Call of duty world championship CWL 2019 optic roster scump crimsix tjhaly karma dashy

Fan favorites, OpTic Gaming, had all eyes on them heading into the CWL Championship. The boys from OpTic impressed winning Pool G outright, dropping just three maps. Fellow professional team Evil Geniuses also had little trouble in their pool. With the exception of OpTic, EG handled both TrainHard Esport and Carnage Gaming easily. The two favorites out of this pool will proceed into the Knockout Stage where mistakes are much more detrimental to a team's tournament life.

Pool H

Call of duty world championship CWL 2019 huke aqua loony temp jurd

Keeping up with what we have seen throughout pool play, professional teams Splyce and Heretics performed well. Splyce dropped just one map, and ultimately qualified with victories over every team in Pool H. Team Heretics saw similar success defeating both amateurs teams. Heretics, unfortunately, ran into the titans that are Splyce, which allowed Splyce to advance out in the first seed of Pool H. Aspire eSports and Hybrid Gaming struggled mightily going a combined 1-5 in their series.

It is not much of a surprise that the professional teams saw the majority of success in pool play. There are a lot of teams coming into bracket play with unprecedented momentum. OpTic Gaming, Envy, eUnited and Splyce are just a few teams who have been in similar spots before. From here, the action will ramp up as the competition narrows itself out. The storylines heading into the Knockout Round are almost endless. Expect additional upsets and rivals to come for one another in a much tougher stage of the competition. This is how the bracket lays out for tomorrow's CWL Championship action:

Call of duty world championship CWL 2019 day three schedule

The action at the CWL Championship resumes at 1 pm eastern tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned to ESTNN as we continue our extensive coverage of the CWL Championship as it happens.

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