Call of Duty: Chicago Huntmen Score 3-2 Victory Over Toronto Ultra with 3 Seconds to Spare

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Call of Duty: Chicago Huntmen Score 3-2 Victory Over Toronto Ultra with 3 Seconds to Spare

The Toronto Ultra Chicago Huntsmen match was the most anticipated series of the Call of Duty League that day. But how did the rivalry playout?

Round 1

The match stayed between a twenty point difference for most of the first round of Hardpoint, with Methodz racking up kills left and right for the leading Toronto Ultra. Chicago grew to fall more than forty points behind, a rare feat for a team accustomed to winning. That lead continued to rise in points, with Toronto taking a more than fifty point lead over their Chicago Rivals, with Ultra’s Classic shooting down the competition. But in a change of fate, the Huntsmen backed by MVP player, Arcitys, lessened the lead to only a ten point difference, which soon changed to a ten point lead for the Huntsmen as Arcitys cleaned house with back to back multi-kills.

With a now thirty point difference, Toronto only grew more and more defeated as the game pressed forward, shooting  for a forty point lead with great success. Scump, usually a strength for Chicago, was lacking in his offensive strength, but with Formal and Arcitys continuing to obliterate their competition, stayed strong on defense. Forty points between the two teams and a series of grenades getting tossed back and forth, the Chicago Huntsmen maintained their lead, and took the first round win of the game, making it a 1 – 0 match.

Round 2

The second round of the match started off with a bang, as Search and Destroy proved to be a successful first round win for the Toronto Ultra. Both teams seemed strong, but Chicago, ever the time-wasters, attempted to find their footing in the second round. It didn’t work, as the Toronto Ultra took away the next two round wins right from under Chicago, making it a 3 – 0 game. Whether it was sniper, machine gun, or even pistol fire, the Huntsmen struggled to battle back against the impressively stacked Ultra. Toronto took the win once again, and as the pressure continued to build for a Chicago rally, Classic and Bance continued to upset any chance of that happening. With a 3 v 2 match up in favor of the Ultra, Arcitys was shot down in a wave of gunfire. However, the next round did fall in Chicago’s favor, although just barely… and as Gunless was the last player left alive for the Huntsmen, he went down in a hurry as the Toronto Ultra scored a terrific S ‘n’ D win, making it a 1 – 1 tied series.

Round 3

The third round of this Call of Duty series was a close game of Domination. As pressure mounted towards Point C, the Chicago Huntsmen barely kept a ten point lead over the deadly persistence of the Toronto Ultra. Finally slipping out of the grips of Toronto rule, Chicago were on their A game throughout most of the match. Their lead grew to more than fifty points over the course of the match up, with Envoy and Looney struggling to break free of Chicago’s destructive offensive force. With time ticking away, Toronto became more and more desperate as the Huntsmen became more and more comfortable, keeping their lead and racking up kills with ease. So with a more than eighty point lead in the final minute of the Domination match, Chicago secured the win, making it a 21/15 round for Scump, and 2 – 1 match lead for the Chicago Huntsmen.

Round 4

In the fourth round, a game of Hardpoint, both teams showed a great amount of success early on in the game. Chicago started the round with a twenty point lead, but Toronto realigned their offensive strategies, found their footing, and ended up taking the lead away from the Huntsmen. Classic was a star player for Toronto in this game, and with less than three minutes left in the game, the score was 198 – 128 in favor of the Toronto Ultra. Battling it out at the edge of the forest, Toronto continued to push forward with very strong offensive work, taking the game with a more than ninety point difference between the teams. Toronto won the match, tying the series up 2 – 2.

Round 5

Both teams were visibly heated at the start of this match. Taking place at Gun Runner, this round of Search and Destroy was sure to be a brutal one. The first round went to Chicago, with a terrific offensive setup fronted by Scump. The second round of S ‘n’ D was much of the same, with Scump racking up kills and showcasing nothing but success at staying alive throughout the match. Toronto’s Loony stayed at the edge of the map, between the shipping containers, brandishing his sniper and hunting for easy kills. However, he was shot just as the game became a 3 v 3 matchup between the teams. The Chicago Huntsmen took the round once again, making a 3 – 0 shut out so far in the series. And with five kills in a row during the next round, Scump continued to show signs of unstoppable power against any Toronto Ultra rival that popped up in his signs. With Envoy holding down the bomb, Scump was finally taking down off his ten killstreak… and without him, Chicago went down swinging for the first time this round, giving Toronto their first S ’n’ D win, making it a 4 – 1 match.

The next round was more or less the same for Chicago, who floundered once again to handle Toronto’s heat… and with the game now 4 – 2, Toronto played as safe an offense as their defense was sturdy, taking their their third win in a row. It was like watching a zombie rise from the ground as the Toronto Ultra continued to creep forward, shooting down whatever signs of defense Chicago attempted to hold. However, Toronto lost the round, making it a 5 – 3 game.

As the teams switched sides, no one could have predicted the brute force of footing that Toronto found, breaking away with an early lead and making it a 5 – 4 match up. With round eleven on the horizon, it seemed like anything was possible for the Toronto Ultra. Tied at 5 – 5. No respawning. No more rounds. Both teams brought their A game, and in a fit of 3 v 3, both teams shot each other to hell, making it a 2 – 2 game, as the Chicago Huntsmen shot down their final competition to win the game, 3 – 2. With only 3 seconds left in the match, it was without a doubt the closest end to a Call of Duty League match so far.

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