Call of Duty: BobbyPoff & Crimsix Win HusKerrs’ Howl $300K Warzone Qualifier #2

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Call of Duty: BobbyPoff & Crimsix Win HusKerrs’ Howl $300K Warzone Qualifier #2

Last night BobbyPoff & Crimsix took the $30K prize and a spot in the main event for HusKerrs’ Howl, they took down some good squads throughout the night, here’s how they did it.

HusKerrs’ Howl is a new Warzone tournament series ran by popular Warzone streamer, Jordan “HusKerrs” Thomas. Last week Zlaner & Aydan won the first qualifier, BobbyPoff & Crimsix took yesterdays and tonight we have one more to round off the 8 teams for the Final. Here’s how BobbyPoff & Crimsix took down some of the biggest names in Warzone last night.

BobbyPoff & Crimsix’s Road to Victory

Bobby & Crimsix started the night in round one taking on Iceman & Exzachtt. They took the victory by 11 kills winning 54-43 to put themselves into round two where fellow professional player Dashy and his duo Almxnd was waiting. This match had the same result, an 11 kill victory winning 37-26. In Winners Finals they took on DougisRaw & Ricky, this was an extremely close match with Bobby & Crimsix only winning by one kill with the score 58-57.

The Grand Finals saw a rematch with professional Call of Duty League player Dashy as his duo Almxnd. However, Bobby & Crimsix were too strong, winning 44-31 and taking home $30K along with securing their spot in the Finals.

From the second qualifier, only the top two teams qualify for the main event on November 7, this means that Bobby & Crimsix along with Dashy & Almond have qualified through last night's event. The final qualifiers take place tonight, with two more spots up for grabs to compete on November 7 in the Final.

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