Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Improvements From Alpha To Beta

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Improvements From Alpha To Beta

With the Black Ops Cold War beta releasing tomorrow, Treyarch has revealed all the changes from the Alpha into the Beta

By allowing players to participate in an open Alpha, Treyarch has gained a lot of valuable feedback heading into the next two weeks of beta access for the community. From this feedback, Treyarch has released a list of all the changes from the Black Ops Cold War Alpha to the Beta.

One of the features which many fans have been asking for is a FOV slider for console. To many peoples' relief, that releases tomorrow. It will allow players to increase their FOV to a massive 120. Along with this, some of the major changes come in the form of tweaks to movement mechanics, footstep sound, weapon tuning and spawns.


Treyarch announced that they have made some major changes to the movement mechanics for the Black Ops Cold War beta. This is something that a lot of the community has asked for due to the slide cancel feature being majorly overpowered within the alpha. Heading into the beta, Treyarch has the following changes to Sliding:

  • Slightly reduced slide speed.
  • Increased the minimum amount of time a player must sprint before sliding to better align with time to reach max sprint speed. This means a player cannot immediately trigger a slide from a near-standstill.
  • Addressed an issue that allowed players to cancel a slide without the appropriate slowdown. We will continue to monitor and investigate any slide-cancel exploits.

This means that players will no longer be able to abuse the slide cancel feature. This is something that was extremely prevalent within Modern Warfare.

Weapon Tuning

During the Cold War alpha, the AK-74u was by far the best weapon. This may still be the case within the beta. However, Treyarch has made some changes in order to make the weapon pool more balanced than it was in the alpha. The AK-74u will now have increased recoil and ADS time, with LMG’s receiving increased ammo capacity too.


When it comes to audio, Treyarch said “The audio team has made several crucial improvements to weapon sounds between the Alpha and Beta, and continues to work on further enhancements for launch. Footstep audio design and its interaction with the Ninja Perk have also been tuned significantly for players who like to keep it stealthy.”

This is a much-needed change that many fans were asking for. That's because many wish for Ninja to become a more Dead Silence-like perk. The following changes have been made to footstep audio for the Cold War beta:

  • Crouch-walking now functions as a near-silent movement option available to all players, with or without the Ninja Perk.
  • ADS crouch-walking now makes the player’s footstep audio even quieter. Enemies should not hear the player when crouching outside of extreme close quarters.
  • While Ninja is equipped, core movements such as sprinting, jogging, and walking are now greatly reduced in volume and distance by roughly 50% compared to the Alpha.
  • ADS walking will also provide a significant stealth advantage when using Ninja.

Scorestreak System

Scorestreaks are an integral part of the Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer experience. As such, Treyarch has made some changes to improve the new system. Heading into the beta, the scorestreak system will now reward objective play more, along with increasing the single life kills needed to achieve higher streaks. This ensures that players of all play styles will be rewarded equally. Also, it makes it so high tier streaks are just as hard to get as you would usually expect, reducing the chance of high tier scorestreak spam.


Finally, Treyarch announced how they will be introducing a “deep progression system synchronized across Multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone”. They said that they will reveal more details closer to launch. Players won't see the full progression system in the beta but will be able to rank up levels and unlock new content.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta begins tomorrow, October 8 for Early Access PS4 players. The Open Beta begins two days later on October 10. Xbox and PC players however will have to wait until next week to experience the action.

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