Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Operation Spectre Rising Begins Today

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Operation Spectre Rising Begins Today


It has been a while since Treyarch made changes to Call of Duty Blackout’s main map. Recently, Call of Duty added a smaller and more fast-paced map, Alcatraz, and it seemed that this would be the direction that Treyarch went with their Battle-Royale mode: various types of maps with different combat styles. However, Treyarch ultimately kept their release-time promise to make changes to the main Blackout map throughout the year.

In this update, Blackout gets an update called “Wetworks.” Here is the new map:

CoD Wetworks Map

In the reveal trailer, Treyarch showed Spectre, the new Multiplayer specialist character, blowing up the Hydro Dam part of the map. Thus, several portions of the map have been flooded, most notably Cargo Docks, Factory, low areas between Firing Range and Rivertown, as well as the Hijacked ship which has moved north slightly. The proliferation of water through lower elevation areas of the map will make water combat and speedboats a larger part of map engagements.

Moreover, as a part of Operation Spectre Rising, Treyarch is adding a party mode they call “Bounty Hunter Mode”. In this mode, players will find beacons of light with “Spectre Staches” with Spectre’s Shadow Blade and other valuable loot. Equipping the Shadow Blade will transform the player into Spectre, giving them better movement and tracking abilities. With each new zone collapse, players with the most kills will be marked as bounty targets to Spectre. Eliminating these targets will reward the player with a Supply Drop.

In addition, Treyarch has implemented some stability improvements to their Alcatraz Blackout map (some users are currently not seeing the map on their menu as Treyarch is patching the map). Treyarch also added the Dart, a controllable exploding flying drone, as well as 6 new playable characters.

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Treyarch also hinted that they intend to add a “Ground War” mode in Blackout, which will likely be a 50 vs. 50 Blackout team party mode.


Treyarch has officially added Spectre as a playable specialist in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer. Spectre. Spectre will be unlocked at Tier 1 in the Black Market. Spectre’s specialist weapon is a one-hit kill melee weapon (a sword) viewed in 3rd person called Shadow Blade. Spectre’s specialist equipment is the smoke grenade. Spectre can actually target close-by enemies through the smoke grenade when his specialist is enabled.

In addition, players with the Black Ops Pass will get access to 3 new maps: Masquerade, Artifact, and WMD (a remake of the same multiplayer map from Black Ops 1). For more information about these maps, you can watch Treyarch’s live stream from yesterday, April 29th (start watching at 27:03).

Treyarch is also adding 3 weapons: the new Tigershark LMG and new Nifo'Oti Melee Weapon along with the Ballistic Knife from past Call of Duty games. This update also adds several skins, outfits, charms, and effects as well as the long-time Call of Duty staple game mode: Capture the Flag.

Moreover, Treyarch stated that the fan favorite game mode Prop Hunt will come to the game on Friday, May 3rd. Treyarch has also stated that several more game modes will be coming to Black Ops 4 during the Operation Spectre Rising event.

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In terms of League Play, Treyarch has finally added strong penalties to players who leave during League Play matches. Specifically, a longer timeout ban and a loss of skill points. Melee weapons have also been restricted and several other bugs have been patched.


Treyarch’s update to their Zombies game mode includes a new gauntlet called “Super Blood Wolf Moon” for the Dead of the Night map which features “30 unique challenges”. They also added an Elixir restocking mechanism and halved camo kill requirements for weapons that are only obtainable through the Mystery Box.

Treyarch also patched many hated server and gameplay bugs. This includes a smoother handling of gameplay during host migration and server pausing as well as fixed Custom Mutation and After-Action Report bugs.

Roadmap and Patch Notes

All in all, this is one of the more significant updates we’ve seen from Treyarch for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. To help understand all of the essential changes, Treyarch have created this road map:

Spectre Rising CoD
For more information about the update as well as weapon tuning information (Treyarch buffed the SMG’s again), please take a look at their patch notes regarding the update.

Operation Spectre Rising provides a much-needed infusion of new content to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. As usual, the update is live today for PS4 players with Xbox and PC players having to wait one week. Happy gaming!

Images via: Treyarch

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