Call of Duty: 2019 CWL Championship Smashes Twitch Viewer Records

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Call of Duty: 2019 CWL Championship Smashes Twitch Viewer Records

eUnited destroyed many barriers to claim their victory at the 2019 CWL Championships that took place in Los Angeles, CA. But eUnited’s boundaries weren’t the only ones being demolished. According to Twitch analytics site SullyGnome, the 2019 CWL Championships have single-handedly catapulted the viewership of Call of Duty onto the top charts for two categories.

The official Call of Duty Twitch channel alone had a viewership peak of 117,453 viewers during this event, with even more than that tuning in during the Grand Finals between eUnited and 100 Thieves. This has made the Call of Duty Twitch channel the fifth most watch stream this past week. Furthermore, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launched into the fourth position of Trending Games for the week on SullyGnome. It even beat out League of Legends, which occupies position #7 as of right now.

Call of Duty still has a lot of work to do to catch up in terms of Twitch viewer numbers compared to other games. But, the end of this competitive season will hopefully promise a new beginning. The Call of Duty competitive scene will transition to a franchise model and will begin in 2020. There are various criticisms of the franchise model though. One is that its buy-in cost might not draw in enough viewers to sustain it. While we can’t predict the future, the viewer numbers this event pulled in are certainly more enticing than events past. Hopefully, this will indicate future success.

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