Boston Breach’s Zed & Nero on CDL 2022, Sniper GA’s and Kickoff Classic

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Boston Breach’s Zed & Nero on CDL 2022, Sniper GA’s and Kickoff Classic

COD League’s newest franchise Boston Breach speak on all things CDL

Recently, ESTNN got the chance to speak with Boston Breach’s Head Coach Zach “Zed” Denyer, and starting player Dylan “Nero” Koch. We discussed representing Boston, Sniper GA’s, the Kickoff Classic and much more. You can watch the full video interview on our YouTube below.

Vanguard, Sniper GA’s and Control

What are your thoughts on Vanguard so far?

Zed: “The game seems fun, but I don't play it too much. That's up to the team. It seems like a great game for SMGs, however I imagine if you play slower and more methodically it could be a pain to get on everyday.”

We’ve seen some controversy with Sniper GA’s, could you explain the situation?

Zed: “When we talk about not using certain weapons or equipment, it's all about making the game more competitive and the best version possible. Whether that's more entertaining for the viewers or not, we just want to give the fairest chance to every team. When you have a Sniper with aim assist, everyone seems to agree that it’s OP and I think it’s hard to understand for the community when you’re not the one playing the game.”

Control has also had it’s issues, will we be seeing it at the Kickoff Classic?

Nero: “Yeah we’ll be playing it at the Kickoff.”

Zed: “I don’t mind Control. When you watch it from COD Caster it reminds me of other control’s from previous games. The mode isn't the problem, the issue is the maps and they just don't work for Control.

Nero: “The maps are terrible for the game mode, some are unplayable.”

Playing for Boston and the Kickoff Classic

You take on the New York Subliners in your first match at the Kickoff Classic, how are you feeling ahead of that match?

Nero: “I feel really confident. I know it’s just scrims but we’ve been playing really well so we’ve just got to carry that into the Kickoff. But I’m really confident we can win.”

Zed: “Something I’m trying to drill into the team is that LAN is not different to Online. Usually you see the best teams online are also the best on LAN, so as long as we bring the same confidence, hopefully it will be a successful weekend.”

How does it feel to represent Boston?

Zed: “I’ve been in the franchise scene since the beginning three years ago, and Boston has it down to the T. They’re passionate and they show that they care about everyone that's underneath them. It’s exciting for me as a coach to be able to give players the opportunity to succeed too.”

How did the Boston Breach roster initially come together?

Zed: “When me and Denholm (Denz), the General Manager, came together we were deciding who to put on the roster. Given we were the last team to form we had the pick of the remaining players so we went for players who this may be their last chance to compete, and some who maybe deserved a shot. But I think we’ve got a team that is confident and has a high ceiling.”

Boston Breach begin their CDL Season on Friday January 21 against the New York Subliners in the Kickoff Classic.

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