Bloober Team is Expanding its Horizons and Will No Longer Make Psychological Horror Games

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Bloober Team is Expanding its Horizons and Will No Longer Make Psychological Horror Games

Bloober Team has just announced that it will no longer make psychological horror in the style of Layers of Fear, but that it will broaden its horizons towards the mass market, entering what has been renamed by the same software house a 3.0 phase. This news comes like a bolt from the blue, but it is a decision that is commented on by the founder of the team himself, who explained to Engadget that “This year marks the end of an era, the one in which we make psychological horror. We are now entering Bloober Team 3.0, in which we will make horror for the mass market.”

Bloober Team is expanding its horizons

From what was said by the founder of the company, Piotr Babieno, Bloober Team will not abandon the horror genre, it will only try to expand it and go beyond psychological horror. The team, as you well know, has made a name for itself among fans and not only for its distinctive trait of creating this type of horror specifically, with titles such as Layers of Fear, Observer, Blair Witch, and The Medium.

Up until now, in fact, all the team's games had in common the fact that they were structured in such a way that the terror derived from the narrative and the environment, rather than relying on the famous jumpscares. For this reason, many define them as horror-style walking sims, a categorization that certainly didn't displease Babieno who stated that “We focused on the story, the atmosphere, the graphic quality, and the music, but we didn't a lot of attention to the gameplay mechanics. It was not our goal. But we understood that there was a ceiling that we could not break except by doing something fresh and new.”

So, from what emerged from this interview, the next games that Bloober Team will create will have more action inside them and will focus more on gameplay. This awareness and this willingness to want to change and broaden their horizons came thanks to the development of the Silent Hill 2 remake. In fact, Babieno stated that “We have decided that our next titles will be more oriented towards the mass market. We would like to talk to more people. We would like to realize our ideas, with our DNA, not through the setting or the narrative, but through action. So all our future titles will have a lot of gameplay mechanics. They will be much bigger.”

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Bloober Team is Expanding its Horizons and Will No Longer Make Psychological Horror Games
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