Blizzard Promotes Johanna Faries to Commissioner of Call of Duty Esports League, Outlines Future Plans

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Blizzard Promotes Johanna Faries to Commissioner of Call of Duty Esports League, Outlines Future Plans

Activision Blizzard announced Johanna Faries as Call of Duty Esports League Commissioner today.

Activision Blizzard promoted Johanna Faries to the Commissioner position of the Call of Duty Esports League today, according to a post on their official website. Faries, who worked for the NFL before becoming Head of Call of Duty Esports, now takes on the promotion and title of Commissioner of the Call of Duty World League, and with that new role comes big plans.

According to the Activision Games Blog, Faries was part of the team that made the decision to migrate to city-based franchising for the CWL. She shared some thoughts on that process, claiming changes can always be made. Additionally, she remains optimistic for the geolocation of the CWL:

“That’s not to say we aren’t still editing – I think every sports league is always in ‘edit’ phase even decades in! But now that we have a strong product vision and business model to share…we can now shift gears toward the planning and execution phase of our work.”

On top of commenting on the League itself, she provided the following hints at what's to come in the future for the upcoming Call of Duty League:

“To date, we have announced seven teams for the league: Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New York, Paris, and Toronto and they all bring with them world class vision and insight that will supercharge this space. We are also working closely with the Call of Duty franchise team and studio partners to continue to think big about how we can innovate around the competitive experience, with an eye toward being the best league in the world.”

Again, not much detail. One thing is for certain, however – Faries' desire to see Call of Duty grow shows.

Image VIA: Activision Blizzard

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