Blazt Talks Joining ROKKR, Favorite Warzone Meta and Warzone Tournament Formats

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Blazt Talks Joining ROKKR, Favorite Warzone Meta and Warzone Tournament Formats

ESTNN spoke to Blazt about his Call of Duty career so far.

Recently, we got to speak with Minnesota ROKKR’s Rasim “Blazt” Ogresevic about his Call of Duty career, joining Minnesota ROKKR, his favorite Warzone meta and much more. You can watch the full video interview below.

Blazt’s COD Origins

How did you first get into COD and the competitive scene?

I was at a friend's house and he was playing Zombies. I got super addicted when my parents got me an Xbox 360 and World at War and ever since then I play for 10 hours a day, every single day. One of my friends then introduced me to game battles and that was even more addicting because I was really good at pub stomping but it just wasn't enough. The competitive aspect just made it a whole lot more fun.

CDL Pro Player to Warzone Streamer

Did you always have plans to become a streamer following the release of Warzone?

I've always streamed as a hobby and because I love doing it like while competing. I saw how big Warzone was getting and going through challengers in my opinion wasn't worth it with how Warzone keeps getting bigger. The amount of tournaments there are for money compared to challengers and with the slight chance of going back being pro it was just a smarter decision full time.

How has your time been on Minnesota ROKKR since joining a few weeks ago?

Minnesota ROKKR are such a dope franchise. They really care about their players and they’re always looking out for you and they're a staple in the scene.

Do you miss playing in the CDL, and would you return if there was an opportunity in the future?

I definitely miss having control of whether I won or lost the match, in competitive there’s no RNG compared to Warzone, so I absolutely miss it. And I mean, if I had another opportunity,  I would probably take it to be honest.

Warzone Tournaments

You recently competed in the biggest Warzone tournament to date, the $300K World Series of Warzone. What was that experience like?

It was a great tournament. I liked the way it was ran. The one thing I would say though is I think winning should play a bigger part than just a 2x multiplier. If you want to have high kills, you're not going to win. If you want to play for the win, are you going to get that many kills so the multiplier really is even worth it? So I think they should definitely add more of an incentive to winning but other than that everything ran smoothly.

There’s lots of discussion about Warzone tournament formats, what are your thoughts on 2v2’s, Private Matches and Kill Races?

I think they need to shift more to only customs. I think they need to eliminate the kill races because they don’t require that much skill. Literally everybody who's at the top level is capable of dropping bombs in bot lobbies, it's all just matter of if you get a bot lobby you get blessed.

Quickfire Questions

Favorite Warzone Meta?

I was a fan of the FFAR meta. It was a weapon that you could use at all ranges and I love having a gun that can do everything. The best gun right now is the Cold War MP5 and that’s fine in buildings, but anything further than five meters and it shoots pebbles.

If you could add one thing to Warzone, what would it be and why?

Grapples. I’d add Grapples to the game because there are so many buildings. ATC for example, there’s one way up and if they’ve got claymores down you have no chance. I think grapples would make this game incredible.

What’s the best loadout for Season 4?

caThe best loadout right now is the Fara 83 and Cold War MP5. The Fara is broken and has zero recoil, and the MP5 is like a shotgun in buildings.

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