Best Riven Counters In League of Legends

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Best Riven Counters In League of Legends

Do you need help to lane against Riven in League of Legends? Not to worry, here are the best champions to help you climb the LoL ladder.

Riven in League of Legends is a rare sight, as she is extremely difficult to play at even an average level. However, when she is played, she is more often than not winning the game. The question is, for the times you do encounter a Riven player, how do you counter her? ESTNN brings you the best three Riven counters in League of Legends right now.

Best Riven Counters in LoL


League of Legends Patch 14.7

Rek’Sai top became a thing at the end of patch 14.6 and moving into the start of 14.7. She is one of the strongest picks into melee matchups right now and is ultimately just a good all-round champion. She is able to move in and out of the lane with ease thanks to her movement speed, and even if she takes any damage will heal that back up because her W heals her when she is underground. For Rek’Sai in this match up, you don’t want to take extended trades because Riven will win those, but to constantly come in and out of your W, knock her into the air, do a quick trade and retreat. You will outlast her by doing this and should have an easy time setting up a kill, whether that is solo or with the Jungler.


Kennen is as annoying as he is cute—so very annoying. Kennen has the range advantage over Riven, so the key is to wind her down with your poke before looking to use your ultimate on her. Unless the Jungler can help, using your ult on her while she is in full health is not the best play. She will be able to turn that around in the 1v1 and burst you down. As for later into the game, it will be easier for Kennen to have a much greater impact on the game than Riven. Riven, unless she is extremely ahead, will look to split push for most of the game, while Kennen can win the team the game instantly with a well-timed ultimate to the backline.


Kled, like Riven, is a rare sight in League of Legends. Across all divisions he is not played as much as other top laners, but that doesn’t mean he is worse than them, however. When Kled is in his mount form, it is very hard for Riven to kill Kled. Kled is able to get out of dodge quickly, and if you do lose your mount, simply recall, as trying to build the bar back up against a close melee champion like Riven is a bad idea. Bait out Riven’s Q, once that is gone, she has nothing left in the tank, and that is when you would want to look to all-in.

Worst Champions To Pick Into Riven In League of Legends

According to Mobalytics, Akali is one of the worst Top Lane champions to pick in League of Legends against Riven. Akali is at her weakest before her ultimate, so in the early game, Riven can push the lane's tempo and punish Akali when her Shroud is on cooldown. If you are simply looking to push her out of lane, let the wave slowly push into Akali. Her ultimate has a much larger cooldown than Riven’s, so going in for a trade with your ultimate is worth it in the long run, because you will get your ultimate back before she does.

Yone has historically had a difficult time going up against Riven in League of Legends. Riven simply has to wait out Yone’s E before looking to go all-in for him. This maximizes how much damage Riven is going to do, while Yone is significantly weaker because it will take him a lot longer to charge up his Q while Riven can deal damage quickly because of her Q.

Whenever Yone looks to Dash in with his E, Riven can stun him thanks to W, this works a little like the Renekton matchup into Yone. While he is strong, if a champion has CC, they can block a lot of damage Yone is looking to put out. Once his E is down, Riven has control of the lane, so if you do pick Yone into Riven, just be aware of how you use your E, because you can find yourself easily having to ult away because you have made a mistake.

Although Sion would often prefer melee vs melee matchups, he has a tough time playing into Riven. As long as Riven players avoid the brushes, there is little to no-kill pressure from Sion unless they really messed up in the trades. Riven’s W can also take away the W shield from Sion, while also stunning him in the process. Riven can also easily dodge away from Sions’ Q with her dash, or third Q if it is available. The key in this match is to get an early lane kill, probably with ignite. You want to go for the throat before Sion builds up thousands worth of HP.

Best Riven Duos League of Legends

Here are the best champions to play with Riven in League of Legends on patch 14.4, according to Mobalytics. Please note this article will be updated as new patches are released. For more information on when a new League of Legends patch will be released, check out our patch schedule article here.

  • Gwen
  • Brand
  • Evelynn

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